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By: Gianna Fuentes

Bradley has room for improvement although it does not have the money to fill the space. Every year Bradley has a fundraiser ¬†you sell this and you get that. I mean nobody wants to go around saying over and over “would you like to buy some…”.

Wouldnt would be fun if Bradley did the cool fun things like car washes and bake sales. I mean if you volunteer you can get extra credit in your worst class. Or you can do it to help your school. I mean how would like to get together with your peers and have a fantastic time.

Fundraiser rise there are many things you can do such as. Bake sales, car washes, lemonade stands and so forth. I mean these things you don’t have to go around asking would you like to buy some. All you have to do is make some posters and get a group of friends. The fundraiser you are having would also be a great fundraiser.

I think Bradley would make much more money if people participated in the exciting fundraisers. Seriously, this would be a very fantastic time and our school would be a cooler and nicer place.

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