The Cornerstone Church

| October 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

by: Andrea Nino

The Cornerstone church is a great and fun church. The church talks about things that happens in the real world and how Christ could fix it. the talk about the problems the people have and help the people in need. The Cornerstone Church just made a truck that goes around downtown and help the people that need dental or health problems.

They have a class for every grade you are in. The best class is for pre-kinder and kinder. They are very creative, They put the classrooms in a different building, but the building is built into an ark (Noahs Ark). In Noahs ark, is where the classrooms are. In the boat there are moving ¬†fake animals to make you feel like you are really are in Noahs Ark. First and second grades are in a different room they do different activities, they read a childrens’ bible, go play, and do arts and crafts.

Third through fifth grades are games and bible study. Middle school it is like the parents but more understanding. high school could go to class or with their parents.

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