The Problem with the Pass

| October 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

by: Lauren T.

Lately, Bradley Middle School has been requiring a pass in order for a student to get into tutoring. A pass has been asked  so the teachers know that their students are allowed to be there. Which is really not worthwhile.

It is said that a tutoring pass must have a parent signature, a teacher name, and a date. Students around school are talking, and are saying that they hate the thought of even having to have a tutoring pass in order to get help from a teacher. “My parents get home late and go to work early, so it is hard for me to go to tutoring now because i can’t get a pass signed.” Beverly R., a student at Bradley, states. “It’s unfair and horrible, especially because some kids need to go to tutoring in order to get good grades! ” Last year at Bradley Middle School, you did not need a pass to go to tutoring. So now kids are wondering why they have to have one this year. “What is up? Last year we didn’t need a tutoring pass. Why now?” Alyssa T. , 7th grader at Bradley, questions.

Tutoring passes may be great for the teachers and parents, but think about the students. They think it is a pain. We need to speak up and stop the use of tutoring passes. After all, as the days go on more and more  students are just skipping tutoring altogether and accepting bad grades, and of course, as a wise man once said,“ Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.”

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