The Wolverine Review

| October 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: J. Boizan

You can think of the Wolverine as another person who just saves lives, but you know what, you are wrong! Wolverine isn’t just another “person”, he is a person who haves sharp pointy metal things between his knuckles, I mean you can even say he is made out of metal.

The Wolverine is a great movie both for children and parents. It has everything that  everyone would want. Action, super power, suspense,Comedy, and yes sometimes gross but it also haves a little bit  of romance.

The Wolverine had saved a young man from a huge bombing in Japan. Once everything was over the young man was very appreciated for saving his life.After years, the man had become very sick, so he had sent one of his girls to look for him.Once she found him, she took him to Japan.The old man wanted for the Wolverine to give him his life recovery super powers, but what the wolverine did not know was that the old man was not the only one who wanted his powers, the doctor also wanted it. The search for the Wolverine has started after he disappeared!

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