Fun At The Mall

| October 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Jacqueline Boizan

“What am I going to do today, Oh my god it’s the same thing every weekend!” Don’t you ever get tired of saying that?, beacuseĀ I know I do. Well here is a crazy idea, go to the mall with your friends!

The mall is a very intertaining place to be. I mean, you can do anything in there! Eat ice cream, hot dogs, pizza, try on clothes, buy clothes, buy accesories, or just walk. The thing that makes it more fun is the fact that you could be alone with your friends. Yeah, no parents allowed! Parent free zone day, just teenagers having fun walking, and talking.

Think about going to the mall this weekend, make plans, and remember take at least $5.00 when you go. Have fun with your friends, because its a no parent day!

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I am a 7th grader at Bradley Middle School. I have 3 brothers and1 sister, Jean, Jael, Enzo, and Dallanara. I hate rollercoasters and hate heights. I like ice cream and candy apples, and I also love to write!

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