“Ninja” Slug

| October 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Jacqueline Boizan

This “Ninja” slug is half slug, half snail. It is’nt  very big in width, aproxemetly 4 cm long.This animal has a long tail wich it uses to cover its self up while its sleeping or resting. This snail/slug is the color of green and yellow. This slimy animal’s habitat is in the mountain forest, in Sabah Malaysia.

For this kind of species when it comes to getting the attention from others they act pretty wierd. They fire love darts to the loved one.This new species is very different in many ways from the slugs and snails. It has a very long tail, unlike these two. Althought, it doesnt have a shell, like snails, it doesnt either dont have anything. It haves like a circle thing by its back, its still unknown what its used for. It also haves 2 little antenas, not so big either.

This new species is wonderful ! Even thought it may not actually be a real “ninja,” the way it acts might be like it. I encourge you to check out this animal and learn what it does!


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