You don’t need make up, to cover up!!!

| October 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

dont look like this !!!!All girls are beautiful in the inside and out. You don’t need make up all over your face. Go natural!! Guys judge girls by there looks. Most guys don’t even try to get to know a girl , or even try to get to see a girls actual personality. All girls will get pimples and freckle’s, you don’t have to cover it up. I know personally that every girl wants their crush  to like them and think their pretty. But  you should want a guy to like you for who you are. Not how big your butt is or even how pretty you are. Be you !!! Don’t change for some one else.

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i am jade miller. i was born and raised in cincinati,ohio. i love musicc !!!!! <3 i love one direction !!! p.s. What does the fox sayy !!!

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