Government Aforethought Nine Eleven Crash

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There is many conceptions on 9 -11 and who planned it and why. Is there any chance that the United States Government premeditated it? Is there any proof? If you fold the 5-100 dollar bills a certain way it shows a suspicious picture and the strange article in New York Times Newspaper that week.

If you fold the five dollar U.S. bill it shows the twin towers perfectly in shape. If you fold the ten dollar U.S. bill the same way shows the twin towers burning down.

On the twenty, fifty, and one – hundred, the more burnt they are.


On the week of September 11, 2001, NYC Times Newspaper published an article about the people in charge and how they were trained in a U.S. terrorist training camp. The article explains how the men were linked to the government in a way that is uncertain. A week after that article was published, the U.S Government banned that paper and article to be out.


Try this and research for yourself. Do you trust the government?


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