The Best Haunted Houses in S.A., Texas

| October 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Jaida Sloan

The number one haunted house is the 13th floor. This haunted house includes skeletons playing Mexican music and pumpkin head gooey creature. The price to get in is $19.99 if you go Sunday -Thursday, and for the rest of the week the price raises to $22.99.

The second best haunted house is the disturbing Terror mansion.  The horror begins with 23 intense rooms of horror, including a spine bending butler serving tricks of appetizing rats and roaches. The cost of this dis-appetizing haunted house is $20.00.

Third on the list of horror is Ripley haunted house. You go up a elevator/ roller coaster and get off to meet a butler who leads you into the halls of horror.

I hope you go to one so you can get your pants knock off.These haunted houses will give the biggest scare you’ve ever had in your life. From personal experience you will enjoy this and you will have a spooky time.


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