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By: Jessica Fonseca

     The day has finally come, Avril Lavigne’s fifth album came out on November the fifth. She has had many award winning tracks on the air, number one in the U.S. such as: Girlfriend, Don’t Tell Me, Sk8oir Boi, Nobody’s Home, My Happy Ending, and her very first release, Complicated. Her new album has critics mouths watering to judge.

     Her track list contains: Here’s to Never Growing Up, which placed number 36 on the billboard Hot 100, Rock N Roll is another catchy song that got 1,00o,000,+ veiws, Bad Girl Avril writes and records with rock ledgend Marilyn Manson. Sippin’ On Sunshine,Summer,Hello Kitty, Hello Heartache, 17, Let Me Go, Give You What You Like, Falling Fast, Hush Hush, and You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet.

     Critics say this is a dissapointment, while her “Liitle Black Stars”  are saying that this is the best one yet. She has five albums which are Let Go, Under My Skin, The Best Damn Thing, Goodbye Lullaby, and now, Avril Lavigne. Let go has sold over 18 million copies and are still selling today. Under My Skin has sold 10 million copies world wide, and placed number one album on Billboard Albums. The Best Damn Thing has sold about 1,715,000  in the U.S. alone. As for Goodbye Lullaby it only sold 689,000, making it her lowest. This currently is the first week of release and it has sold 45,000 copies for Avril Lavigne. This copy is a proud selling, fun style, different sided Avril in this. Her first album was more of just getting out there. Her secound album was more based on boy trouble and her grandpa passing. Her third album is based on just having fun and she states to 944 Magazine that “I was just experimenting.” Her fourth album is based on her divorce to Deryk Whimbly, it tends to be voted her “deepest” album yet. Is Avril Lavigne going to be her best one, will it be the one to win her, her first Grammy?

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