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By Justin Dahlberg

Spam is just people trying to get you to buy things that you won’t get or just dating sites that just give your computer viruses. Spam just comes out of nowhere and takes up space and if you leave were the emails are for a couple of seconds and go back 20 or more spam messages appear and even if you delete them they come back and sometimes you could get 3 of the same messages over and over. The reason I hate spam is because i was checking my emails and I looked around for a couple of minutes and saw this message that said that I needed to pay my child support and I thought why do people send these kinds of things to others and just keep going. No one likes spam its annoying and there is no point to it except to annoy people.What i think should be done to get rid of spam is to make a law about spam and  it should be how if you send spam to a person it should be useful and not a waste of time. If spam was not real then most people would not have viruses except for websites that give your computer a virus. You could get spam from those websites and they keep coming. Spam is basically a way to get a virus and could ruin your computer. My opinion is just get rid of spam and websites that send spam.


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