Thanksgiving Day

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By: Jacqueline Boizan

“Gobble, gobble, gobble” that may, or may not be what pops into your head when you think about Thanks Giving day. Turkeys! Because that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Well, guess what you are wrong!

Thanksgiving is much more than just turkeys. Thanksgiving is about the pilgrims. This holiday is celebrated every fourth Thursday of  November. The history of this holiday is very important.

A group of  English settlers received an order for them to sail the Atlantic , that way they can settle in a new land. This ship had quite a few  people to take care for, 101 women and children. They spent over 66 days trying to get across the Atlantic. They tried to settle in where now is called New York. Instead, because the bad weathers and situations, they had to settle in where now is called Cape Cod.

These people had no food or shelter, luckily one day Samoset a leader of a native american group called Squanto came and helped these settlers. He helped them by teaching them how to grow corn,and gather fish. After several months these two made a decision to join and help each other, and protect each other. In March 1621, these two groups finally joined.

After they joined together, they wanted to celebrate. They sent the settlers to gather up some food. The group of settlers and native american’s ate together. After this, it became a tradition.

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