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By: Gianna Fuentes
“MOM HELP ME” Ashley screamed to her mother locked in the closet. As her fathers cold hands had a tight grip on her petite wrist. All Ashley could do was scream and pray that her father would loosen his grip.

Ashley Montgomery lived in Ravenswood, Pennsylvania with her beautiful mother in a large beautiful house. Ashley was your perfect blonde hair blue eyed teen with soft white skin and not a flaw in sight. Her life was perfect she went to school and of course she was popular ,and then went home to her perfect life with her mother. Although she didn’t remember much of her father she did know that when she was three he was sent to jail and her and her mother moved. Then when Ashley was ten her mother told her how father was locked up for murder. Ashley and her mother have a restraining order against him.

Of course Ashley didn’t worry until her mother walked out of the kitchen with a horrible worried look on her face. “Ashley you aren’t going to school today” her mother told her. Ashley wondered why not but didn’t bother to ask. She sat in her room for a while watching television until she heard a fearful scream. She walked downstairs but hid too where she could see ,but not be seen. ” where is SHE” she heard a manly voice scream.

Hurrying down the stairs too find her mom in the hands of what looked like Ashley’s father. Ashley’s mother screamed and told her to run. She listened but when she looked back she her mother being thrown in the coat closet and her father rushing after her. He got a hold of her and she collapsed to the ground.

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