Another CSI Miami Episode

| November 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Jacqueline Boizan

” Wait, hold up where are you going, come back here!” Thats all you could hear while the police officer (blonde csi) was running after the suspected murderer. The big, tall, husky, tan man tried to take a peek behind him to see how far she was from him. As he started rotating his head to the front, he did not notice the other police officer (csi Delko)  heading his way. ” Bam!” He knocked him down straight to the floor. ” What are you doing, wh.. whats going on?” ” You ran away from us, we were just going to ask you some questions.” ” Where were you in the night of November 1.” The questions went on and the man denied everything. ” Okay, then how about do you know Janeille Appro?’  The man, gagging, tried to answer the question. “y.. y.. yes.”  They instantly got more reasons why to suspect on this man of being the murderer. As the days passed, and they got more into the investigation, they were closer and closer to the murderer. Finally Calleigh (blonde csi) got something that caught her eye. She shared it with her team, and together they apprehended the murderer.

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I am a 7th grader at Bradley Middle School. I have 3 brothers and1 sister, Jean, Jael, Enzo, and Dallanara. I hate rollercoasters and hate heights. I like ice cream and candy apples, and I also love to write!

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