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| November 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

by: Alexsis Cruz

 Okay so let me start this off by saying that there have been so many murders out there in the real world right? Okay good that you noticed , but how about lets say, posting threats on the internet? Not very common but there out there. Because on the internet as I was searching up anime and I witnessed that someone posted that they hated a certain anime and that one person who saw the comment that they so happen to like that particular anime [ I am not going to say what it was or I will not mention names] just posted “Omfg U dont like that anime U should DIE!” in capital letters. That’s right! there you have it! A perfect example, now here’s another one that I discovered, someone who loves this certain video game character so much, that she will literally put her life on the line for, now that’s ridiculous. Okay so they  posted [ again I won’t mention names or the character]  “if you make one tiny little insult about this one character, I will murder you, haha just jk! no really I will murder you!” I mean really come on!? you will murder someone over a video game character that is a figment of your imagination! I mean I do too have favorite characters such as King Dedede from Kirby, Figment of your imagination from the theme park at Disney’s Epcot, Vannelope, and I also, like My neighbor Totoro. But, when someone says something insulting to one of the characters I like I don’t post death threats and insulting slurs back, I just simply let it go and move on with my life. You know just because that person does not like that character or show or anime does not give anybody the right to post death threats or say that they will murder them because guess what!? Somebody can easily report that to the cops and in the paddy-wagon you go! So I suggest this madness should stop before it gets any worse or before someone gets hurt ! I mean don’t we have enough deaths and murders going on in this world!? Why add more to the death rate toll? Everybody has their own likes and opinions and if you don’t like it, that’s fine by me! But in other words I will never post any threats against anyone! Not even for a character, game , anime, show or nothing because first of all the characters are not real,second  you are posting threats on someone that’s something pity,third and i’m pretty sure nobody wants to end up in the slammer. So please follow my advice, think twice about what you post, because if someone reports you, you’re a goner, off to the cement castle [ jail ] you go.

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