Sunday Night Football!!!

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No matter what gender or age you are I know you have at least seen one football game or even heard someone talking about a game. There are lots of football teams out there. It kinda depends on were you live are were your from. There are lots of different opinions about the teams and there players. So I’m from Cincinnati Ohio so of course I Love the Cincinnati Bengals. Well of course were in Texas so most people love the cowboys or the longhorns.

I know I’m a girl but girls still love football. You don’t have to be a guy or a tom-boy. Who doesn’t like to sit on the couch with your family, eat snacks and watch football? I am a TRUE FAN and if you actually LOVE and SUPPORT your team you would wear their jersies, watch their games, and love your teams. I know my family enjoy watching football. Some people just think its just a stupid part but it actually takes talent. Football is just not a sport its life .

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i am jade miller. i was born and raised in cincinati,ohio. i love musicc !!!!! <3 i love one direction !!! p.s. What does the fox sayy !!!

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