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“MOM!?” I called out as I ran down the stairs. Mom hadn’t been home in a few days and I was getting worried. Every few weeks mom disappears like this, but this time it’s different. She usually leaves a note, or at least calls, but this time i got nothing. “Where are you,” I thought. Where in the world could she have gone? I had late nights at school the past few days, so i barely noticed she was gone, but now I realize it’s been pretty quite around here.

My dad left my mom before I was born, so I never knew him, I don’t even know his name. My older sister remembers him though; I know she does. Even though she won’t tell me who he is. Every time I bring it up she just changes the subject. I just wish she was here now, but she’s out with her friends I guess… “WAIT,” I yell out.

My sister and mom are never gone at the same time! I could easily go through her stuff now! I run up the stairs, tripping over a few as I go. Maybe I can find out who he is now… I know my sister has a picture of him somewhere, I just have to find it.

I rummage around in her draws a bit before I find it. A small pink box tied shut with a ribbon. I go into my room, clutching the box to my chest, and sit on the floor. “Calm down Lizz,” I tell myself. Taking a few deep breaths calms me down a bit, but i’m still shaking. I slowly open the box, squeezing my eyes shut, and breath out.

“Oh my,” I say quietly. The man in the picture is not who I expect to see. I turn the picture over and read the back. “Harry and Lizzy” The man i assume to be my father, Harry, is holding a tiny baby and smiling at the camera. He has brown curly hair, bright green eyes, and cute dimples. I look in the mirror, and am greeted by my own green eyes, brown curls, and dimples. No wonder my mom says I look like him…

I know I have seen him before.. I know it. I look up at the ceiling and see my sisters poster-covered walls. One of them sticks out, and suddenly I know who my father is. ¬†Harry Styles. As in, the guy that was the biggest boyband in the world… “LIZZY WHERE ARE Y…” I hear a sharp intake of breath behind me and turn around.

“Lizzy… What are you doing in my stuff?” She says slowly. I feel at drop of wetness slide down my cheek and fall on my hand. Harry Styles. The man, my father, that died in a car crash last month.

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  1. Jenna says:

    OMG I can’t believe it! I’m freaking out OMG!

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