Witch Witch

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By: Andrea Nino

It was a bright, sunny summer in San Antonio and Laura (mom) wanted to go on a vacation, but she didn’t have enough money for the tickets. Then Mom has remembered she has two daughters Italy and Andrea. There is Andrea the bad witch that, thinks her life got ruined when her little sister Italy was born. Then there is  Italy the good witch, though she just became one, she doesn’t  know any spells.

“ANDREA!!!” Mom screamed ” yes, mother. what do you need?” said Andrea. “I need you to do a spell that will create a portal to go to another state, we don’t have enough money to buy airplane tickets” Mom said ” go on Andrea go look for the spell”. Andrea went on into her room and got her grim-ware, she found the spell and showed it to her mom. “GREAT” said mom with excitement “mom i cant do the spell that spell it will take all the power i have” Andrea said with fear “well you are going to have to practice to go to Arizona” mom commanded “yes, mother” Andrea said.

Andrea went to the basketball court next to the swimming pool to practice the spell. Andrea tried and tried and tried, until she tried one more time and this the trees shivered and the pool made waves. “I GOT IT” Andrea screamed. Andrea ran to her house and told her mom to pack up and mom did. “COME ON” Andrea screamed “i am ready” said mom. Andrea started saying the spell “nuceste ü a,nuceste ü a” “mom” Andrea yelled “you have to think of the place you want to go to”, and they went in the portal.

BAM they got to Hawaii. “Hawaii, what did i do wrong” Andrea cried “im sorry baby i was thinking of Hawaii” mom said “mom how could you do this to me i forgot the spell at the house, did you at least bring money” said Andrea “no” mom said shamefully. Andrea and mom were stuck in Hawaii with no money and no spell.

They slept in the streets that night. Then Andrea had a dream of the spell. The very next day she said the spell and they got home, but mom wanted to try it again. Andrea said are “you crazy” and they both laughed and continued their life.

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