Spikes “Big” rumpus

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by: Alexis Cruz


One day in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle was setting up the library for closing time, and as usual Spike helped her out. After the two finished cleaning Spike replied with a exhausted breath, “Boy, Twilight, we made a killing this week, why the bookshelves are almost wiped out”.

Twilight Sparkle replied with a voice so relieved, “Yeah Spike, I wonder why everybody likes reading nowadays? Maybe because it’s probably a new hobby? I just can’t seem to put my hoof on it.”

Spike replied back with a sigh of relief since the week was over, “I don’t know, but all of this talking about books and stuff is making me hungry.” Then by a lonely chair was Fluttershy, as she usually likes to sit, laid a bowl of sapphire gems. Spike stared at them with big, hungry dragon eyes, and gladly swooped them up and started greedily munching away on them. Then the ground started to shake with a big roar.

“Wow Spike, you must really be hungry” replied Twilight.

“I know I am but, i’m already done eating, how should I still be hungry when I just ate a huge bowl of sapphire Twilight ” spoke a very exhausted and a little worried Spike.

“Maybe you’re having  a growth spurt, I mean you have been growing a little taller than you usually are” said Twilight. Then Spike looking like he doesn’t have a clue of whats going on asked “ whats a growth spurt Twilight”? asked a very confused Spike as he cocked his head.  “Well how can I explain this to you, aah! That’s it a growth spurt is when you start to grow taller than the height you usually are, so you see Spike you just ate a whole bowl of sapphire, so therefore you’re hunger starts to increase a little as you prematurely grow,“ explained a very determined Twilight. So then as Twilight and Spike got ready for bed, another noise shook the ground, but this time it was Spikes stomach growling. So Spike carefully and steadily sneaked passed Twilight for an evening snack but, this time he helped himself to topazes instead.  Again as usual he munched on each of them one by one and soon felt drowsy, so he fell back asleep. Twilight sparkle who was still in her gown replied a good morning to Spike. “Good morning Spike! How is my little dragon doing?”

But as Twilight opened her eyes she gasped in horror, Spike was no longer a little dragon, he was a big giant dragon!“ Spike, what happened to you!, how did you get to be so tall! you filled up almost the entire library! so whatever you do, don’t pick your head up.”

The drowsy, tired and pigged out dragon opened his eyes and gasped in amazement. “Oh my gosh! did I dream that this day would come?! Yes, I’m finally as tall as the whole town now! Isn’t that good?”

Then a very puzzled unicorn looked at him with dismay, “No Spike that isn’t a good thing,”then she just burst out,  “ITS A BAD THING SPIKE! DONT YOU GET IT?!” screamed Twilight sparkle.

Then a lone tear snuck out of the sensitive giants eyes, “I’m sorry, I didnt mean to over exaggerate I just wanted to be a little taller than the others, I am sorry that I caused all of this trouble for you, I’ll just go and be out of your way.” So the once was baby dragon headed out as Twilight said she was sorry.

“Spike I am sorry, I didn’t mean to scream at you, like you said you were over over exaggerating and thats okay, please come back,” said Twilight.  And all around ponyville stood a giant purple dragon knocking over things, and almost stepping on Pinkie pie.

”Oh my goodness,who are you Mr. giant purple monster!” exclaimed Pinkie pie.

“It’s me Pinkie, Spike,” said the very depressed dragon.

“SPIKE!?,” shouted the very confused pink friendly pony.

Applejack just rounded up 5 of the mane six, “quick Fluttershy, fly up to the top and tell me if you see Spike!

”Hmmm, I can’t see him through all these clouds, ooh! there he is, he is headed for Applelooza!” exclaimed the shy yet scared yellow pegasus.

”Okay does anyone have a plan?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“We have to warn the others in Applelooza!” exclaimed AJ. The cityfolk in the little town screamed and hid in bunkers for their own dear lives.

Then Spike wandered around thinking where everyone was, “They are probably scared of me, that’s what they all do,” and he walked off in deep depression.

Then they all came to the little town and the city folk were gone, then allof a sudden they all came out, “good thing they hid from Spike, otherwise they’d turn out to be flatter than a poodle in a pancake,” sighed Applejack.

“I’ve got an idea!” shouted Rarity. “What if we can ask Zecora for a spell to shrink Spike and then take it from there!?” exclaimed Rarity.

“Why that is the bestest idea you had yet, can I come pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeeeeee!” said the normally hyperactive Pinkiepie.

“All right, but we have to move quickly.” said Rarity. They both headed out into the forest were Zecora lived, knocked on her door and asked if they can borrow a spell to shrink Spike.

“Aaaaah, you mean the dragon right? Spike?” asked the wise old zebra. “Well I’ll see what I can do!” said Zecora. “ Here it is, the most limited thing I’ve got, herb mixed with natural pine, and is non-toxic, it can be used for almost anything even for shrinking things!” explained Zecora.

“ Well, whats it called?” asked Pinkiepie.

“Its called the One-time brew.” said Zecora.

“Why?” asked Pinkiepie.

“Because it could only be used once.” said Zecora with a deep, dark, and dramatic voice. Now that Spike has been avoided everywhere, he has been getting more angrier than before.

“I DIDN’T ASK FOR ANY OF THIS!!!!!!!” shouted Spike.

“We know,and we have the cure for it!” said Twilight Sparkle.

“ Ready, aim,FIRE!!!!!!” shouted AJ.

“PinkiePie are you sure you want to do this?!” asked applejack.

“Well if it is for the sake of my friends,then yes! I’m doing it!” said the determined pink pony.

“Alright Pinkiepie, ready dashie!?” yelled AJ.

“Ready when you are!” said Rainbowdash.

“Three, two, one,SHOOT!” yelled Applejack.

“WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” said Pinkiepie.

“I’ve got you!” said Rainbowdash. Then with a swing of Spikes gigantic tail, the spell fell from Pinkiepies hoof.
“Nooooooo! the spell,the spell, wears the spell !?” Yelled Pinkiepie

“I’ve got it!” yelled Fluttershy. And with one wave of her hoof she threw the brew into Spikes mouth and it shrunk him for good.
“YAAAAAY!, I am my normal self already!” said Spike

“From now on, no more eating too much!, now lets head home, thank you all for your help.”

“Spike, no matter how small you are, you still would be my number one dragon”

said Twilight Sparkle.

“Awwwww, thanks a million.” said Spike

The end

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