The Bradley School Pajama Drive

| December 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

by: Alexis Cruz


Ever wonder how many kids and adults are going to sleep in the cold?, do you ever stop to think that you are lucky to have a warm place to sleep wearing the warmest pajamas you have? Well we are working here at Bradley to make it all change, we are now in the process of donating pajamas all across the world and town to give to those in need of them most. So now all across Bradley we are giving to those in need, so the next time you curl up and sleep, you can knowing that the people in need of pajamas are now warm and happy. A lot of people are depending on us for the winter holiday to make sure that they are comfortable, safe, and warm. So please stop and think that just because you have a place to sleep and have  good  pajamas also, means you can give to the ones who don’t have what you have. We are all working as a team to make sure nobody sleeps cold this winter, and may God bless them. So please do your part, help families in need of pajamas, so we can all be good enough knowing that we have donated for a good cause. But, just remember the can’t be used, they have to be store bought, must be fireproof, and also clean. Then after we have finished our part, Scholastic will do theirs by giving children a chance to experience reading by donating  books. So please follow your heart and look inside you to show that your are a very generous person and may God bless your soul this winter.

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