Justin Timberlake, Ally and I

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It was a summer day, Allyson June Hoy and I lounged around the house with our bare faces when we hear a knock at the door. We scurry to the door and look out the window. “JUSTIN TIMBERLKAE!” He stared into MY eyes ignoring Allys naked face.  We kept a 1 hour stare as Ally pet her harry legs. They barked at her, but she didn’t care, she called them her baby’s. He looked past me and saw Ally smelling her legs. He threw up and washed out his mouth with her mouth rinse. Not realizing is was her anti-itch butt cream, it had been watery due to the lack of use.  “No wonder she’s always scratching her butt”  I thought. We smelt fake Coco Chanel perfume and right away recognized it was Ally. She smiled at him with her one tooth that went down to her knees. She grasped her butt cream and plastered it on her one plaque covered tooth. She un-buckled her belt and 6083 pounds of fat splattered out. She gasped and ran off holding her sweaty fat. I ran after her while Juistin threw up fifty shades of  butt-cream. “Its not normal Sammy, I’m not normal. I’m slowly changing into what I really am.” Ally said turning her head down. “A man” Justin slowly crept out the door. She sat there and cried into her huge manly palms. For now she was a man, and a man she would stay.

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