The Monster

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By: Lauren T.

I quietly walked down the dimly lit hallway. Wondering if this would be it, the end of my not-so-perfect life. It all started three months ago when my family (mom,dad, 2-year old josh, and 8-year old Chelsea, and I) moved to this old, rickety mansion, which was way too big for comfort. Mom and dad say we moved because they wanted a change, but I believe it was because of the problems they were having in the city. So now, here we are in the middle of Louisiana, living on a creepy secluded hill with nobody but each other to talk to. “Sophie?” my little sister said, trying to get my attention. “Josh and I are going to play in the meadow by the pond, want to join?”

“I’ll pass.” I replied, “I was planning to finish my painting anyway, maybe later. Okay, Chel?”

“Alright, but if you want to come play Fairy- Pirates with Josh and I, you know where to find us.” She walked towards the door very slowly, hoping I would interrupt the silence and give in, but I didn’t. I had other plans. My painting, Fleurs Dans le Jardin, or Flowers in the Garden, only took five minutes to finish, so I put my red- pea coat on and decided to join my annoying little siblings in their even more annoying play.


~~~~3 Months Later~~~~

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I twisted my body so I could reach the alarm clock to turn it off. I stood up and looked in the mirror, reliving the last three months in a few flashes: noises, the sharpness of the cold, screaming, help! I shook myself back into reality. Ambling toward the door, I thought of a way to get my parents out of the house, I quickly ran down the three stories of stairs that were in between my room and my parents’. They were watching early home videos as I stepped into the icy cold room, I automatically knew one of them was watching us. “Mom, do you think you might want to take Josh and Chel to the town?” I said, hinting that I wanted some alone time, “I can stay here and hold up the fort.”

“Okay.”she said, “We’ll leave at six p.m.” I, of course was excited by the words, but yet, I was scared that the spirits, might get to me. After they left, I changed into my pajamas and relaxed on the sofa. That’s when I heard the stairs, creaking, and yelling as never before. I jumped up, plush bunny, Rexy, in hand, ready to use it as an “effective” weapon. I quietly walked down the dimly lit hallway. Wondering if this would be it, the end of my not-so-perfect life. I turned the corner, and there it was- the ghost that has been haunting this house forever, who has also been making my life a living horror story for the last three months. Imagine  the scariest looking thing possible and times it by one million, you see, that was what this monster like thing gave itself the impression of being.I slowly backed away, hoping that this “thing” would be like a  t- rex, not able to sense small movements, but I thought wrong! It lunged toward me, tearing skin off with it’s ferocious teeth and claws. Being the way I am, I decided to stop this ruckus by making a deal, he won’t attack me if I don’t attack it.

It worked for a couple of days, but then the monster confronted me saying he wants the deal to be revoked, and that he will try to be nice to me out of his own will. Surprisingly he was, that is until, I moved again, rumor has it, that the people that bought the house from us died unexpectedly, the day we moved out and they moved in.

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