la llorona (the weeping women)

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by: Andrea Nino

Many know the folk tale of  la llorona, this tale has been told for over a hundred years. the story of la llorona is told in many ways. Some say that she killed her children because a man didn’t want them because they are not his. Others say that she just got tired of them. I am telling you my version.

In a very small village, there was a woman named maria. Every man that village said she was the most beautiful women in the world. Maria on the other hand thought that she was way to beautiful for any of the ugly men in the village. when maria was little she said, “I am going to marry a very handsome man”. One day a handsome and rich ranchero came into town and she fell for him. Maria knew a trick to make him love her. The ranchero went to her house and sang to her but she rejected him. everything the man would do she would reject.

Maria eventually stopped and they both got married and had two kids. A few years past and the ranchero would go out  and “work” the only time he would go back was when he wanted to see his children. Maria didn’t like that he would pay more attention to his children instead of her. The very next day the ranchero came back to see his children, but this time a came with a women that he was going to marry.

Marias jealousy has taken over of her body by the time the ranchero left. Maria all off the jealousy out on her kids. One day she went completely crazy and took her kids out to the river and threw them in. When her two kids drowned she realized what she had done. Maria went up and down the river bank looking for her children, but she never found them. Maria stayed on the edge of the river waiting and hoping for her children to come back to her. She died of hunger, sadness, and died with the guilt and hatred. the men of the village found her body and gave her a proper burial. They dressed her up in white. The next night after her burial people heard and saw a women in white crying “my children, my children, where are they, where are they!”. It is said that she will go out at night and kill other peoples children because she didn’t have hers.


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