The Dwarf and the Dragon

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By: Noah Nicholas.


There once was a greedy Dwarf named Ulfgar Heimscheemer the III. Ulfgar was a very greedy person, he didn’t pay his debts, taxes, restaurant bills, or anything matter in fact. Any who Ulfgar was walking through the streets and then… “Have ye’ heard Franklin? There’s a Dragon up in that cave across the ‘Golden Lake’!” an old man said to some guy named Franklin. “Ya’ I’ve heard he’s guarding some riches like gold, diamonds, jewelry, and such. Many men have gone up there to slay him and NONE of them returned.” Franklin said.

Ulfgar got so excited at the sound of gold, diamonds, ¬†jewelry, and such. “Man I’ll become the richest man in this stinkin’ town!” Ulfgar thought to himself. “It’s settled,” Ulfgar thought “I’ll go up to that cave and slay the dragon! After he’s dead I can steal ALL the gold for me-self!” Ulfgar kept thinking to himself that day.

Later that day Ulfgar hopped on his horse and rode to the “Golden lake” (the reason why it’s called the “Golden Lake” is because when the sun sets it make’s the lake’s water appear golden). When Ulfgar got there he looked around and saw a cave with a bunch burned skeletons infront of it. Ulfgar ditched his horse and continued stealthily towards the cave. “I knew another greedily ignorant person would trot up here to claim my treasure.” A voice from inside said to Ulfgar. “I’m not here for ye’ treasure mate I’m only here to see if you’re actually as magnificent as everyone says ya’ are mate.” Ulfgar called to the voice from inside. “If you came to see how magnificent I am then why are you hiding by my cave’s entrance? I’m not leaving my cave so you might as well come in here.” The voice from inside said to Ulfgar. “Umm o-okay I’ll come in!” Ulfgar yelled to the voice inside.

Ulfgar hesitantly walked infront of the cave entrance and started slowly walking in. “Don’t be a coward dwarf! Your people are known to be very hardy and fearless but you seem to be quit the coward!” The voice from inside called to Ulfgar. Ulfgar wanted to show this dragon he wasn’t a coward so he charged into the cave screaming like a mad man! “Where are ye’ dragon show ye’self! Or are you scared!” Ulfgar screamed. “Well look who built up the courage!” the voice said. “But the funny thing is… You are DEAD in my sights. I can see you standing there looking like a fool!” The voice said back to the disrespectful dwarf. Suddenly a mountain of gold collapsed and the beast showed itself to Ulfgar. “Oh… my… god!” Ulfgar screamed at the sight. “Ye truly are as magnificent as the people say ye are!” Ulfgar said to the beast. “Please friend… call me Niidhogg (pronounced like needhog just in case you were confused). Niidhogg said to Ulfgar.

Ulfgar couldn’t even speak he was just tranced at the sight of this magnificent beast. Golden scales, Ruby colored eyes, silver claws and teeth! This beast looked like a giant dragon statue! Ulfgar snapped out of the trance and then came up with a plan to make the dragon give him the loot he wanted. “Listen Niidhogg I have a proposal to you.” Ulfgar said. “What? What on earth would you have to propose to me?!’ Niidhogg said in a curious voice. Ulfgar then said “You give me ALL of your loot and keep your life. Or I-” “WHAT?! You think you can kill ME?!” That’s impossible!” The dragon exclaimed at Ulfgar. Ulfgar started to laugh “Oh my good dragon I’m not alone! I got three hundred men out there waiting for me to give the signal.” Ulfgar said to the dragon. “Oh really?” Niidhogg questioned. “Let me check.” Niighogg said to the dwarf. “NO! Um if you ugh go outside now! Yo-you wouldn’t see ’em!” The dwarf said in a desperate attempt to keep the dragon inside cave. “Oh what is your army consisted of? Ghosts? Assassins? Either way your men wouldn’t survive.” Niidhogg said to the dwarf in a brag like tone, “I’ve killed hundreds of idiots who think they can actually slay me.” Niidhogg continued. “O-Oh but these men are the most skilled fighters in the- in the world!” Ulfgar said trying to intimidate Niidhogg.

“Oh really? Your little bluff won’t work on me chum…” Niidhogg said in a calm voice. “Men (or dwarves in this case) don’t stutter when they are serious. Most of the time people stutter because they’re scared!” Niidhogg told Ulfgar. “I-I’m not scared of you!” Ulfgar yelled at the dragon. “If you aren’t scared then why are you still stuttering and you’re sweating like a pig in the blazing sun!” Niidhogg said to Ulfgar in an angry tone. “Please child just leave. You’re giving me a headache… go mine or do whatever dwarves do.” Niddhogg said in a annoyed tone. Ulfgar was scared but mostly he was angry! Being mocked and made fun of by this Dragon just infuriated him to the point that his face turned red and smoke came out of his ears. “I AM NOT A COWARD YOU FILTHY BEAST I JUST WANTED TO MAKE THIS QUICK AND PAINLESS FOR YOU BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I AM GOING TO SLAY YOU AND CLAIM YOUR TREASURE!’ Ulfgar screamed at the top of his lungs. Niidhogg laughed and laughed and laughed. Niidhogg was just laughing like there was no tomorrow. “You? You? You think YOU can slay me?” Niidhogg questioned Ulfgar. “Don’t make me laugh!” Niidhogg said to Ulfgar. “I guarantee the first attack I do will kill burn you like over cooked bread!” Niidhogg told Ulfgar. “You’re so stupid.” Ulfgar said. “You’ll damage your plunder!” Ulfgar told Niidhogg. “So?!” Niidhogg said to Ulfgar. “I don’t care about my plunder one little bit.” Niidhogg said.

“Don’t try to lie to me mongrel! You care about your plunder more than your life!” Ulfgar said. “Everyone knows dragons are greedy!” Ulfgar told Niidhogg. “Pfft! I don’t care about my treasure at all I just don’t want a greedy little dwarf to take it!” Niidhogg said. “All those burned corpses out there… Those are people who’ve tried to kill me!” Niidhogg said. “I’m surprised that you haven’t tried to ki-” Niidhogg was saying until Ulfgar hit him in the face with his ax. “That didn’t even hurt me.” Niidhogg said. “Look at yourself now dwarf! Greed causes people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do… Blood lust also!” Niidhogg told Ulfgar. “All those adventurers just wanted to be famous by killing a dragon.” Niidhogg said. “But you were the only one who actually wanted my plunder.” Niidhogg admitted. “Huh… If I kill you I will also become famous?” Ulfgar asked. “I like the sound of that!” Ulfgar exclaimed!

Ulfgar held his ax up high and ran straight towards Niidhogg. Niidhogg just sat there waiting for Ulfgar to get just a little closer. When Ulfgar was just ten feet in front of Niidhogg when his chest began to glow an orange color then… Niidhogg opened his mouth and spewed flames! Ulfgar was engulfed in the fire… The only thing people heard outside the cave was just the screaming of a person who was stupid enough to go against a dragon.

Nobody knew where Ulfgar was, until the dragon left the cave there was absolutely nothing in the cave but only one thing remained… The skeleton of a dwarf! The moral of this story is… Don’t ever try to slay a dragon because you will not win.

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