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The best day of my life. Finally here. I get to see my favorite band. Finally! Well, from 150 feet away. At the staples center, with almost one hundred other celebrities. But there’s gonna be that one person I’m going to be looking at the entire time. Harry, of course. My friends  & I bought this stuffed bear and we attached some hand written notes to all five boys of the band; One Direction.


We had called up the Staples Center a few days before the VMA’s to ask if we can bring the One Direction bear. The associates that work there confirmed that yes, we would be able and allowed to give the bear to management to give to the boys.

Only three hours until it starts, and that’s not very long if you’ve been there since 7 a.m.  We see one of the management men that we could supposedly give the bear to. We walk up to him & ask him to give this bear to the boys. The man, with a humongous name tag that says ‘Bill’ on it says  ‘Sorry ladies, but we aren’t allowed to give anything to the boys.’

What the heck are we supposed to do with this bear now?! We don’t even know.

After the award show, my friends and I are all sitting outside the venue just hanging out. We are all in a bad mood because we have no idea what to do with this big bear. We are sitting there in the dark mysterious night and we hear a bat noise. One of my friends; Lindsay, stands up and walks away. Where the heck did she just go?!

She comes back and yells “I JUST MET TAYLOR SWIFT!”

“What the heck does that mean?!” one of my other friends screams. I look over to her phone and there is a ‘selfie’ of her and Taylor. I look to the left and I just see a big crowd of people screaming. It’s just Taylor so I just ignore it.

My friend Marissa looks to the side and whispers ‘Harry Styles is over there.’ I obviously think she’s kidding. “shut the h-” I look to the right and I see two big shadows. One of a big man with a bald looking head, about 6 feet tall. Next to him I recognize his hair that is being outlined by the golden light behind him, I recognize the way he walks and out of instict I am walking over to them, I didn’t even realize it until I looked down at my feet.

I get to them and softly touch Harry’s arm. “Harry?’ I slowly stutter. “Shh – yeah , it’s me babe” I turn around and I see my other friend bawling almost, while I feel a tear go down my face. “C-can I get a p-pict-ture w-with y-you?” I stutter. “Sorry, No pictures” I hear Harry’s body guard say. The body guard grabs Harry’s left arm and starts to walk away. I chase after them and turn Harry around by his arm. “Please? J-just one p-picture. That’s i-it.” Harry looks over at the body guard with his adorable little smirk. “After, I promise.” Harry says as walking into the restaurant next to where we were sitting, which is also the same one that I had seen Taylor walk into earlier. After hours and hours of waiting, our mom’s come at 9 o’clock to pick us up, but we ask them to wait. After ANOTHER two hours of waiting, which is now 11 o’clock, I take my friend Lindsay and we walk into the restaurant that they were both in. Lindsay & I walk in to see Harry and Taylor in the back. We both look up and see two big ‘men’ with strong british accents ‘Okay , listen. You really need to leave’ One of the guys says. ‘Just one picture please please please’ I beg them both. The men look around and say ‘Okay , just calm down first,’ as Lindsay is quietly bawling her eyes out. ‘Go outside & we’ll come get you in a few minutes’ The older man whispers. We both walk outside and sit back on the bench. After almost 2 minutes, which seemed like three hours, Lindsay and I run back into the restaurant, we look around for them.












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