Adrian Ortiz’s Hermit Crab Catching

| September 22, 2014 | 1 Comment

A 13 year old boy named Adrian Ortiz has a interesting sport of catching hermit crabs. And he will tell us about his hermit crabs experiences.

He told me that he began at age 13 and began with his cousin. He said does it because he said it’s funny when they run. And he last caught one at Rock Port, a beach. After he catches them he puts them in a bucket. He always went with his cousin to catch these rarely seen creatures. And he says it very fun to do. And it’s very easy because they are very slow. And since it was so easy, he succeeded a lot.

 Write more, Include 3-4 quotes, use your background research to help you tell about hermit crabs.  Revise te highlighted sentence fragments.








9.Do you succeed a lot of fail a lot: I succeeded 

10. How hard is it to catch a hermit crab

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