An Oblivious Moment in Class

| September 22, 2014 | 1 Comment

Well my friend was telling me about an embarrassing moment she had in class, and the reason she was so embarrassed was because it was something so obvious.

One day in 7th grade in English class, they were supposed to read aloud and the classmates were supposed to pick on each other to read.

“I’m not shy but I am very shy to read out loud so I was hoping no one would pick on me.” she says. And especially didn’t want anyone picking on her because she had no idea where they were in the book. “Sometimes I wouldn’t pay attention cause of friends or I just drifted off into thought. And usually no one picked on me cause a lot of people know I’m shy in front of classes.”  But suddenly she heard one of her friends giggle and call on her. She felt her face heat up and turn red and rolled her eyes. “I don’t even know where we’re at.” she giggled and said loudly.

“Its you.” the substitute teacher said (he had a strong foreign accent)

She was very confused. “Well yeah I know its me.”

The teacher was already irritated enough and started yelling. “No! Its you! Its you!” the substitute started to shout. People giggled around the classroom. “Sir! I know its me! Like why are you telling me something I already know?!” she yelled back. Laughter filled the room. “I was so confused… I remember looking at everyone and wondering why everyone was everyone laughing at me.” Then the person in front of her turned around and said , “No.. the teacher was saying that’s where you start in the book.”

“I felt so dumb after the person in front of me told me that.. I just felt like it was so obvious and even more embarrassed because I was yelling thinking this teacher was dumb for yelling at me for that.. but I eventually read but with a shaky voice. I to this day still don’t like reading out loud because of it.”

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    Tough crowd.

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