Erika’s First Day of High School

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Erika Johnson, former Bradley student, opens up about her first day of high school, at Churchill in 2003. She got on the bus neither terrified or excited, just apathetic. She was surprised the bus even stopped near her house, considering it was so far away from school. She went through the day and decided her classes and teachers weren’t that bad. Erika talks about how she had always been sort of a loner, and that she had a few friends, but had no intention of making new ones.

She was fourteen, and had been moving back and forth from Birmingham, Alabama, to San Antonio from the time she was eight years old. The constant movement caused her a lot of stress, and she didn’t let herself get attached to people or schools. She figured she probably wouldn’t be at Churchill for long, and she ended up being right, since she moved to Shreveport, Louisiana the next year.

Erika’s attitude was generally unenthusiastic throughout the day, and the rest of high school.

“It was just another thing I had to do, you know? Why get excited about it?

“The school was okay, but I was very self conscious and shy. I guess it was an okay year over all.”


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