Hairspraying the 60’s

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Hairspray is an upbeat and energetic musical based on the 1988 screenplay by John Waters.  It begins with a very catchy and fun song titled, “Good Morning Baltimore” by Nikki Blonsky also known as Tracy Turnblad, an overweight teenager that has a few problems fitting into society.Tracy is a coming-of-age teen and the movie shows you how she fearlessly goes on trying for her dreams of being a dancer on her favorite T.V. show (The Corney Collins Show) ,wanting to see the end of racial segregation. Her best friend, Penny Pingleton, is helping Tracy win a spot to be a dancer on The Corney Collins Show. When Tracy gets her spot, she fights to make the show with white and black teenagers dancing together.

Christopher Walken plays Tracy’s dad in the movie. Wilbur Turnblad (Christopher Walken) , is a goofy, awkward, fun loving person. Wilbur owns the “Hardy Har Hut”, a store full of crazy toys and a few things every prankster needs. John Travolta plays Tracy’s mom, yes her mom. Edna Turnblad (John Travolta) is an over-weight laundress who hasn’t left the house for 10 years! Tracy introduces her mother to the outside, fun world of the 60’s! Edna is not sure about leaving at first but then, come to be, she helps Tracy with seeing the end to racial segregation.

The best part(s) about the movie Hairspray, was the fact that they were showing throughout the movie that knowing people of a different race, is not a bad thing. Another part about Hairspray that was very awesome was that, even though Tracy was struggling with mean people and her size, she still went on trying for her dream! The movie really had a good message. This is what I think the message was,”Don’t worry about what you look like or what other people think, be yourself and reach for your dreams.”

While there was a great message in this movie, there was also a few bad things that took place. These include some language, drinking, drugs, and smoking. Not only were the kids smoking, the teachers were as well. The bad language is mild. I hardly even notice it’s there most of the time. I can tell when there is smoking but, this takes place at a time when they didn’t know smoking was bad for you.

“I think I’ve been in a bubble…thinking that fairness was just going to happen. It’s not. People like me are going to have to get up off their father’s lap and go out and fight for it” Tracy Turnblad (Niki Blonsky) so honestly pointed out. We are still having trouble with bullying and racial segregation. We all need to get up off our father’s lap and start speaking up for what’s right.




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