World’s Smallest Interview

By: Karina Varela
We, the Bush Journalism staff, went around the school to seek out an answer to a small, yet universal question. What is one thing you cannot live without? Some responded wholeheartedly, while others replied with, respectfully, very bizarre things. Who would’ve thought that oxygen could be appreciated by such a degree? But in all seriousness, as we closed in on our interview, the Bush Journalism staff, gathered enough information to put together the top five things us, Bulldogs cannot live without.

  1. Food Of course, why waste time on others, when you can have FOOD! The majority of the people interviewed who said food, kept it pretty broad. However, others specified which food, in particular, they’d like to keep, such as cookies, but personally, pasta is where it’s at.
  2. Religion Having faith is important to a big chunk of the world, and it was one of the main reasons people colonized in the New World. This comes to me as no surprise since religion gives people a reason to believe in something.
  3. Phones Though one may find this ridiculous, people rely on technology a lot, probably more than they should, but this is what the future has become. Technology could be one of the stepping stones to many great things, so don’t be dismissive.
  4. Friends It shouldn’t go unnoticed that friends play an important role in our daily lives. I mean who else is going to listen about our crazy rants about who knows what? A simple daily outing or even a whole vacation could have their entire course of events change by just having someone by your side to go along with you.
  5. Family I was not at all surprised to hear this, but that definitely shouldn’t downgrade the fact that many (especially teachers) love their family so contently. We may have our quarrels and such, but deep down there is a hole somewhere, and it can only be filled by you.

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