Malevolent Ink Writing Contest

It is time for the Malevolent Ink Writing Contest. Each year Mrs. Boehme collects spooky stories from some of her best writers to compete in the Malevolent Ink Writing Contest. This year, we have collected a few finalists from each grade level. Click the link below to see the finalist and comment after the story that is your favorite at each grade level.

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The House (6th Grade Finalist)

The neighborhood was great, but the house wasn’t. It was painted a shade of yellow, every flower and every blade of grass was dead, the sidewalk was no more, and the porch spindles looked like knives. “It’s a great house, it just needs a little love.”  Mom is always the optimist; she thinks she can do a huge DIY project for the house.. By the time we unpacked everything it was dinnertime, “How about your dad and I go get some hamburgers?” Mom asked.

“Umm ok,” I replied.

“You know you have to stay here and watch Erik, right?” Dad asked.

“Yes, Dad,  know. “

“Ok, just making sure.”

A few minutes later they said goodbye and left the house. I awkwardly sat on the couch for a few seconds and then got up to get a soda. I got back to my seat and as soon as I sat down I heard a noise.    “Anna…Anna.”

            “Hello?” I was sure nobody else was in the house with me.

             “Anna……Anna… Come here.”

            “Stop right now!” I screamed.

I looked down the hall and went toward the bathroom. Maybe I was just tired or hungry. I splashed some water on my face and walked out the door and headed down the hall. Now or never.

“Just a few more steps…. You will  reach me.”

I was confused at this comment because there wasn’t a door or hallway at the end of the hall. I tried my luck placing my hand on the blank wall. Sure enough it went straight through; on the other side was a small room with nothing but a large mirror inside.The mirror should have had an image of me plastered on it, but there was nothing there except for a small music box. Suddenly the handle was cranked and it started playing a song. “La la lala-la lalalalala-la Tic tock goes the clock you will go forever.”

The image changed to a small closet the door opened and inside was a tall man with a snake neck whispering, “Soon……soon……..soon.”

The closet closed and the mirror shattered into a million little spiders crawling all over my feet. I closed my eyes and wished it would stop, but they continued to crawl in between my toes. “Soon…….soon…….soon.” I looked around to see nothing but eyes in the shadows.

“What?” I said groggily. “I thought I was in the old yellow house?”

“You are.”

“Who are you anyway? Why did you take me here?”

“I took you here because I was in the old yellow house, watching everybody come and go taking one from each family.  I am the man. the man in the shadows, the man in the corner of the mirror and you will be too…Soon you will be added to my collection.”

As he said this, my entire world was engulfed with darkness. I never saw my mom again.

Be careful of the man hidden in every small corner of the darkness.


Apartment 13B (6th Grade Finalist)

One dark and stormy Halloween night, there were two kids who lived in Apartment 3J – Josh and Hannah.  They loved getting candy on Halloween, and especially craved scaring people. As soon as the clock struck 7 pm, off the kids went to go trick-or-treating.

Ding-Dong.  They rang the first doorbell and screamed ‘’ TRICK-OR-TREAT!’’

“Happy Halloween to you too!”  said an old woman, who leaned down and tossed a single candy into each of the kids’ bags.  Then she whispered, “Did you hear about the 13th floor?’’

‘’Why, no, but we’re going there next. That’s where the rich people live, so we’ll get loads of candy!’’  Josh said.

“That’s a haunted floor. Don’t you dare go up there! There have been stories of horrible things happening up there, like weird sounds, doors opening by themselves, and…and…the TWINS!  Be very careful.’’

‘’Yeah. Whatever. Like any of that stuff will scare us.  It’s not keeping us away from the best candy in the building,” they hollered back as they ran down the hall.  After a few more doors of sad-looking candy, Josh and Hannah decided to go to straight to the 13th floor.

                 As they reached the first hallway, Josh and Hannah heard something up ahead.


‘’What was that? Was that you, Josh?’’ Hannah gasped.

‘’Of course not. Do you think I sound like a little girl?’’

‘’ Well, where’s it coming from then?’’ she asked.

‘’To the left. The sound is coming from Apartment 13B,’’ Josh said.


‘’Did you just see that? Hear that?’’ Hannah whinned.

‘’ No, duh! I have eyes and ears.’’ Josh said then stopped. ‘’ Wait. What did that old lady tell us about weird sounds and doors opening? Both just happened. So next is…TWINS!’’

Come play with us. Come play with us. Come play with us. Come play with us…” The door of 13B creaked open and two heads popped out.

‘’Nooooooooo!’’ ’’ screamed Josh and Hannah, turning to run.

               ‘’Wait, wait! Seriously. Let’s set up a playdate,’’ the twins said. ‘’ We were just playing with y’all.  All that stuff was fake, and that old lady was our grandmother.’’

Then the door opened wider, and the old woman walked out laughing.  “Gave you a taste of your own medicine, didn’t we?  How does it feel to be the one that’s scared?”

Josh and Hannah looked at each other. ‘’Oh, that’s just great,” Josh said taking a deep breath as they headed down the hall toward the 14th floor. “We got absolutely no candy whatsoever.”

Dolls (6th Grade Finalist)

  I used to love dolls. That was until my mom died. When I was six, my mom and I loved to go to the park and play. At age nine, my mom passed away but the doctor told us it was no natural cause for her death. That was only a little after I put a camera under my bed. And across the corner you could see my dolls.

    I ran to get the tape to see if anything happened to my room when my mom died. And just how I thought: at that time two of my dolls were missing, and they weren’t just any dolls they were my two twin dolls.

    I may have not had much proof, but it was enough for me.”Dad, Dad!” I kept on yelling until he finally said something.

    “What Bella?” Dad asked.

    “Look, you need to see this.” I replayed very loud. But by the time my dad and I got to my room, the tape was gone. “But Dad,” I said very sad,” it was just here. I-I bet Nicole and Jennifer took it. They are the two dolls I wanted to tell you about. I think they killed Mom!” I started to panic.

    “Bella, honey,” my dad seemed very depressed,”I know that you are sad that your mom left us a little more than two days ago, but we can’t bring her back.”

    As the days went on one by on, each one after Mom died got a little stranger. Until a cop came by our house and told us about a killer running around. Almost every person I told about who I think killed my mom and believed me was in the hospital or dead. I knew that if I kept on telling people that soon it would be my turn.

    I kept my mouth shut for as long as I could until my dad asked me what was wrong.

    That night after I had dinner and went to sleep I heard a noise, and it wasn’t my father because he was asleep.

    We lived in a old house so every door opening made a creaky noise and that was how I knew someone was in my house. In my house I have four rooms with doors: first is the guest bedroom. Next is the bathroom. After that is the master bedroom also known as Dad’s room. And lastly comes my room. It was like each foot step came closer and closer and I could tell where they were because I could hear the doors open. I didn’t want to run out for my dad or they would see me. And at least for his death it was in his sleep. When they opened my door, they played a song that my mom played when we talked together. They sang my name “Beeelllllllllllllllllllllla.” I was so far under my covers it was hard to breath when all of a sudden. “AHHHH HA HA HA!”