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Test Week
STAAR testing week is finally upon us. Here are the dates you\'ve been preparing all year for: Algebra I EOC/STAAR Mon, May 5 Biology EOC/STAAR Tues, May 6 US History EOC/STAAR Wed, May 7 The first two weeks of May are also designated AP test (More)
Viva Fiesta!
Every year students and faculty enjoy one Friday off in April to celebrate the uniquely San Antonian holiday of Battle of Flowers. This year Fiesta San Antonio w (More)
Heavy Baggage for College
There\'s been a lot of stress on upper-class men to get ready for college, but it\'s a lot easier said than done to be prepared for the next stage in our school caree (More)
A Truly Scary Halloween
Halloween usually consists of the usual ghosts, goblins, and witches; but nowadays that\'s just not enough to scare today\'s youth. So why not re (More)
Study Session Slip
(10/26/13) Doing homework and studying for tests is a hard thing to do in this day and age. There\'s phones, video games, TVs, to distract us. (More)
Jannamarie Mendoza (Staff Writer)
Jannamarie is a 7th grader. She chose Campus News class because she loves to write. Janna’s favorite color is turquoise, “because it’s like an ocean color,” she says. (More)
A Party Fit for an Introvert!
(10/12/13) Extrovert: an outgoing, overtly expressive person. Introvert: a reserved, thoughtful person. Parties aren\'t for everyone, some people (More)
Bio: Katie Martinez
By: Katie Martinez Katie is a 7th grader at Jackson Middle School. She enjoys reading, doing sports, and playing her oboe. She is in athletics and plays all thre (More)
Bio: Ethan Longoria
By: Ethan Longoria Ethan is a 7th grader at Jackson Middle School.His favorite sport is basketball, which he will be playing later this year. His favorite class i (More)
Bio: Clarissa Litterio
By: Clarissa Litterio Clarissa is an 8th grader at Jackson Middle School. She loves the night and loves to draw with the dark colors that match the night sky. Sh (More)
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