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Mrs. White
Mrs. Amanda White is the yearbook and newspaper adviser at Garner Middle School in San Antonio, TX.  She has been the yearbook adviser for 5 years and the newspaper adviser for 3 years.  She holds a degree in Communication from Trinity University, a (More)
STAAR: Hazardous to Your Health
(5/2/13) These next few days of STAAR testing are going to be brutal, but I'm sure we'll make it out of this alive... I think. Good Luck! (Click image to (More)
Kim Jong Ugh...
(4/5/13) North Korea's new leader is turning out to seem like a child throwing a tantrum in the grocery store... But with weapons of mass destruction. (More)
Busted Bunny
(3/25/13) Set the eggs down nice and slowly, rabbit... Happy Easter! Don't take candy from any giant rabbits in suitcoats you don't know. (Cl (More)
Dropping Out
3/6/13 Let's face it, unless you get incredibly lucky, you aren't going to go anywhere in life without your education. Dropping out (More)
Firedrill's Reality
3/1/13 We all know that during a real fire, no one's going to be in 'single file'. (Click Image to Enlarge) (More)
When The Flu Attacks!
1/23/2013 The outbreak of flu is spreading faster than a zombie virus. (Click Image to Enlarge) (More)
Death by Chocolate
2/14/13 I'm sure many sweethearts feel obliged to get something for their honey on Valentine's Day, but I'm sure they'd understand if you (More)
Hypocrisy in the Hallways
1/31/13 I find it kind of funny how some people are grossed out by the site of seeing a gay couple holding hands in public while they smooch it up in (More)
Lance Just Keeps on Digging
1/16/2013 This comic illustrates how Lance Armstrong's constant lying about his blood doping scandal came back to bite him in the butt when he f (More)
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