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I want to be reported about!
The Garner Gazette follows all FERPA guidelines.  Any student who has privacy settings not allowing their photo, name or work on an Internet site will not be featured in articles on this site.  The exception to this FERPA rule occurs when a public ev (More)
Mrs. White
Mrs. Amanda White is the yearbook and newspaper adviser at Garner Middle School in San Antonio, TX.  She has been the yearbook adviser for 5 years and the newspaper adviser for 3 years.  She holds a degree in Communication from Trinity University, a (More)
STAAR: Hazardous to Your Health
(5/2/13) These next few days of STAAR testing are going to be brutal, but I'm sure we'll make it out of this alive... I think. Good Luck! (Click image to (More)
Kim Jong Ugh...
(4/5/13) North Korea's new leader is turning out to seem like a child throwing a tantrum in the grocery store... But with weapons of mass destruction. (More)
Busted Bunny
(3/25/13) Set the eggs down nice and slowly, rabbit... Happy Easter! Don't take candy from any giant rabbits in suitcoats you don't know. (Cl (More)
Dropping Out
3/6/13 Let's face it, unless you get incredibly lucky, you aren't going to go anywhere in life without your education. Dropping out (More)
Firedrill's Reality
3/1/13 We all know that during a real fire, no one's going to be in 'single file'. (Click Image to Enlarge) (More)
When The Flu Attacks!
1/23/2013 The outbreak of flu is spreading faster than a zombie virus. (Click Image to Enlarge) (More)
Death by Chocolate
2/14/13 I'm sure many sweethearts feel obliged to get something for their honey on Valentine's Day, but I'm sure they'd understand if you (More)
Hypocrisy in the Hallways
1/31/13 I find it kind of funny how some people are grossed out by the site of seeing a gay couple holding hands in public while they smooch it up in (More)
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