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Spanish Spelling Bee
IKE PALS Mentor English Language Learners
The PALS program at IKE is a peer mentoring program. Students in this program choose to spend their time helping others and building relationships with ALL students. Each PAL has a goal to make everyone feel like they belong. This year the PALS have (More)
AVID Students Accept the Challenge!
"The project is called the Pringle Ring Challenge or Pringle Ringle.  The objective is to create a free standing circle with only pringles! It’s a team-building and engineering project.  The best lesson it teaches, in my opinion, is that you can do s (More)
When you look at the Nimitz Newspaper you may think, “I could never write like that. They must think writing is so easy“, you are wrong. Although the Journalism’s group’s work may seem so fancy and polished, we have a lot to do. For some, the hardest (More)
The "S" in STARR is StreSS, an 8th grade point of view
 "The STAAR test is just around the corner!"  I cannot tell you how many times I hear that  sentence in a day. The fact that the 8th graders have to take four STARR tests this year is worrying.   The stress is just piling up - from formulas and termi (More)
TX History revisits the Battle of the Alamo!
Pals next year?
by:jackeline All 7th grade Nimitz Seahawks, if you would like to become a Pal for your 8th grade year, please go to room 2002 after school to get the application. Expectations for being a Pal is to have service hours during and after school, grade (More)
The over aggressive climate
Why is today's social climate so aggressive? An editorial by Robert Bosquez   We are all humans, no matter what part of the world we are from. We all bleed. If we are all the same, then why is today's social climate so aggressive? Why are we so (More)
Staar testing on computers?
STAAR testing is coming up, and this year all test will be done online. We will be one of the first middle schools of NEISD to use online for all grade levels and each subject. While gathering information about online STAAR testing, they found that e (More)
What a nice day for Turkey Soup!
In Hospitality class students took leftover turkey and created a delicious soup. Mr. Galvan directed his students through each phase of the process; 1. safely cutting of the vegetables, 2. Cooking the broth with all the spices, 3. Adding their choice (More)
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