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Wrap it up, 8th Grade Science!
Build A Better Bedroom in MineCraft
Eisenhower AV Tech students took the Build a Better Bedroom Challenge to the next level! The GENERAL Level! Check out their creations![/embed]   (More)
Eisenhower Graphic Artists
Student in Mrs. Leyva's class were given an option to create a phone background cover using Adobe Illustrator or a platform of their choice. The students did an excellent job using space, text, color to create classic designs. The school spirit also (More)
Tips and Tricks on staying Organized!
IKE Robotics
With all the adjustments and changes, the results of IKE’s robotics team at the regional tournament did not get shared. The team revamped their presentation after qualifying in January and took a well-orchestrated presentation and robot plan to Taft (More)
Spanish Spelling Bee
IKE PALS Mentor English Language Learners
The PALS program at IKE is a peer mentoring program. Students in this program choose to spend their time helping others and building relationships with ALL students. Each PAL has a goal to make everyone feel like they belong. This year the PALS have (More)
AVID Students Accept the Challenge!
"The project is called the Pringle Ring Challenge or Pringle Ringle.  The objective is to create a free standing circle with only pringles! It’s a team-building and engineering project.  The best lesson it teaches, in my opinion, is that you can do s (More)
When you look at the Nimitz Newspaper you may think, “I could never write like that. They must think writing is so easy“, you are wrong. Although the Journalism’s group’s work may seem so fancy and polished, we have a lot to do. For some, the hardest (More)
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