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Spanish Fashion Show
Spanish Fashion Show Churchill HS[/caption] For Eisenhower’s eighth grade students, high school is right around the corner. Everyone s (More)
Mr. K’s Last Day
Mr. K Mr. K, Coach Tomas’ student teacher, made a huge impact on many students lives.He is funny, sweet, (More)
Standardized Testing Can ‘C’ It’s Way Out!
Testing This week, lots of students were working hard on their benchmarks! These benchmarks, or stand (More)
Hour Of Code
IKE Generals understand the importance of keeping up with the tech world. This is why every year we continue to practice skills of the 21st century! "The Hour of Code started as a one-hour introduction to (More)
Ike Is The New Multi-Cultural School
Hola senores y senoras, at Ike we have classes with Spanish culture. With dual language and a Spanish elective we are able to have a multicultural community here at Eisenhower. Classes like these help build our mi (More)
Rollin’ Through Science
Students work together to build a roller coaster in Science. It’s the ups and downs of science comb (More)
Graduation setbacks: things that can keep seniors from crossing the stage
by Lauren Holzmann | arts and entertainment editor There are several different things that could play a factor this late in the year for reasons seniors won’t be able to graduate. Anything from outstanding fees to behavioral issues can keep you f (More)
Perception on Pre-Cal
by Mahek Khetani | arts & entertainment editor As the course cards get passed out, underclassmen give nervous glances to each other, unsure of what classes they need, especially with that dreaded four letter word, math. Kids, ease up, we’re (More)
Maybe you always ask yourself, why go to school? It is obviously necessary to have a good education and to be something in life, but sometimes that’s not good enough for the students. Now, there is one more reason to go to school. It’s about this ATT (More)
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