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Why should I buy a homecoming dress online?
Lauryn Chavez | staff writer You can get almost anything online these days including dresses for homecoming. Many prefer online shopping over buying dresses in store. Popular dress stores include Tiger Mist, Windsor, Promgirl, and Simply Dresses.  (More)
Les Miserables' masterclass comes to San Antonio
Emma Fischer| feature editor Like Hamilton earlier in the year, Les Miserables’ masterclass was a once in a lifetime experience. It was a smaller class, but with the smaller class we could work in smaller groups and smaller, technical parts could (More)
Titus Andronicus soon to hit the stage with its new Tarintino take
 by Ella Wisely | staff writer  Johnson Theatre will present a modern take on Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus in early October, with a nod to director Quentin Tarantino. “I was a little hesitant because Titus Andronicus is a very advanced Shakes (More)
Students look beyond malls, fast fashion
by Joe Casarez | staff writer As the fashion resale market grows and begins to surpass the retail market, students are searching for a new, unique look. “My students like shopping at thrift stores,” fashion teacher Mandy Elliott said. “They lik (More)
Fine Arts Host Guys' Night IN!
This past Friday, the 5th of October, Mr. Pena host a Guys' Night IN with the Fine Art Programs here at IKE. The boys enjoyed videos games, pizza, soda, chips, cookies, movies, and even Guitar Hero! The boys were able to bond through a night of fun! (More)
Mala Luna Music Festival
This Fall from October 26th to the 27th, the Mala Luna Music Festival will be held in San Antonio at the Nelson Wolff stadium. The festival celebrates cultural music like hip-hop and R&B sung and danced by featured music artists. This year's head (More)
Curious and Observant
I am curious and observant I wonder why people are cruel I hear the soft rustling of leaves  I see the beautiful colors of the sunset I want to move back to my old school I am curious and observant    I pretend to know thing (More)
...But I Am Shy
I am not really friendly, but I'm shy                                                                      I wonder if I'm going to stay at this school I hear music in my mind, I see the lights of New York in my dreams, I want to be ric (More)
Creative and Intelligent
I Am I am creative and intelligent I wonder how specific colors can be calming I hear rain falling I see city lights at night I want acceptance everywhere I am creative and intelligent   I pretend to sleep I feel anxio (More)
Optimistic, but Somewhat Fearful
I am optimistic, but somewhat fearful I wonder how my future will treat me here I hear the click of a spoon stirred against a teacup filled to the rim with                         chamomile tea I see my dog hopping through a field of white roses (More)
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