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YouTube channels to watch in quarantine
  by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer It's been several years since many of us have had any real social interaction, and due to the arrival of the latest world-wide crisis, it seems that many of our social endeavours will have to be delayed m (More)
Take Time for Yourself!
Eisenhower teachers understand that Distance Learning is challenging. Some teachers encourage students to take time to Sharpen the Saw, or spend time taking care of yourself. One project choice was to color. It's nice to spend some time off screen cr (More)
Yes, do not worry Generals! The yearbook is on the way and we are figuring out how to get the yearbook to you! Check out these Yearbook memes made by fellow students![/embed] (More)
Valentines day gift guide
by Lauryn Hughes | arts editor Valentine's day is just around the corner and getting gifts for friends, family and significant others may seem like an difficult task, but My Jag News and Target is here to make the rush for love easier. Food for (More)
No One Eats Alone
2019 Christmas Gift Guide
By Lauryn Hughes | arts editor When Christmas time rolls in so does the impending thoughts of giving gifts to friends and family. But what happens if there are no ideas of what to give? The newspaper staff put together some ideas for everyone on y (More)
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