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Curious and Observant
I am curious and observant I wonder why people are cruel I hear the soft rustling of leaves  I see the beautiful colors of the sunset I want to move back to my old school I am curious and observant    I pretend to know thing (More)
...But I Am Shy
I am not really friendly, but I'm shy                                                                      I wonder if I'm going to stay at this school I hear music in my mind, I see the lights of New York in my dreams, I want to be ric (More)
Creative and Intelligent
I Am I am creative and intelligent I wonder how specific colors can be calming I hear rain falling I see city lights at night I want acceptance everywhere I am creative and intelligent   I pretend to sleep I feel anxio (More)
Optimistic, but Somewhat Fearful
I am optimistic, but somewhat fearful I wonder how my future will treat me here I hear the click of a spoon stirred against a teacup filled to the rim with                         chamomile tea I see my dog hopping through a field of white roses (More)
Nice and Lazy
I Am I am nice and lazy I wonder if I will become a doctor when I grow up. I hear water drops  I see Christmas ligths  I want to see my friends from my old school I am nice and lazy   I pretend to sing or dance  I feel (More)
Outgoing and Happy
I Am I am outgoing and happy. I wonder how I would look with a nose piercing. I hear the ocean waves with birds flying with the sunset. I see a dolphin swimming with there babie. I want a nose piercing. I am outgoing and happy. I pretend som (More)
Respectful Yet Cold
“I am”  I am respectful, yet cold I wonder about life after death I hear soothing ocean waves I see beautiful sunsets and yellow flowers  I want love and happiness  I am respectful, yet cold    I pretend to be sitting in sunfl (More)
Grateful and Helpful
I am I am Grateful and Helpful I wonder if we are going to have turtles in the future I hear my bestfriend’s voice  I see my bestie I want jellybeans I am Grateful and Helpful   I pretend I’m not  annoyed I feel Happy (More)
Nice and Funny
I am: I am nice and funny  I wonder if people care about me  I heard the rain  I see that my uncle is gonna be with me again  I want him to be with family again  I am nice and funny    I pretend to be happy sometimes when (More)
Hopeful & Goofy
I am  I am hopeful & goofy I wonder if God exists I hear a baby laughing I see a sparkling ring I want to get along with my mom and dad I am hopeful & goofy   I pretend to agree with my dad I feel weird around (More)
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