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Bush Honors Veterans at School-Wide Assemblies
Bush held its annual Veteran's Day Assembly today honoring all members of the military that have served or are serving in our armed forces. (More)
21st Annual Band Dinner
The Bush Band held their 21st Annual Band Dinner last Friday and it was a huge success. Each band had an opportunity to perform and crunch some tacos. (More)
Art is a Big P-ART of Campus Life.
  The Art club has been at Nimitz for 9 years.  Its mission and purpose is to bring like minded artsy people together to collaborate and create fun, expressive and inspirational work. Ms. Ramirez has been the club sponsor since she started (More)
DUST- an original haiku
DUST   Dust settles, house rots. Ageless i am, never old Never same breaking mold.   World changes, I stay. Lonely I am staying still Feeling slow I stay.   Not as young no calls Kids I cared for left me Death will soon fol (More)
Bush UIL: Practice Makes Perfect
Bush's UIL team has been practicing hard in preparation for their next meet. The BBNN captured some members working on their chess and calculator skills. (More)
As we know, every year the spectacular Fall Production blows audience members away with stunning performances by our very own Seahawks. The production, directed by Mrs. Morales-Davenport, will happen on November 8, 2018 in the Nimitz Middle School Au (More)
Dia De Los Muertos Parade
  At  Nimitz Middle School, our art program celebrates Dia De Los Muertos, a Mexican tradition where we celebrate the dead and come together as a family. This tradition started about 8 years ago and went on for two years until the school shut (More)
Bush Choir Hits the Note
The Bush Choir Department put on a wonderful concert last night to a packed audience. All choirs performed and it was a great evening of masterful music. (More)
Bush Band Tunes Up!
The Bush Band was scheduled to perform at the Reagan game last week, but the weather had other plans. The band took advantage of the extra time by fine-tuning their sound. (More)
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