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Holiday Concerts Spread the Cheer
The Bush Fine Arts department spread the holiday cheer with a medley of performances in the past week. The BBNN captured the spirit! (More)
Theater Students Pounce and Paw with Pet Tales
The Bush Theater department performed their Fall play, Pet Tales, last month with two lively performances. The first performance was for Stone Oak and Las Lomas kindergarten students while the second performance was for Bush students, faculty, family (More)
Bush Honors Veterans at School Assemblies
The Bush music department led a patriotic assembly today honoring all of those who have served or are serving our country. Several students spoke and all Bush students were in attendance. (More)
Bush Orchestra Gets Fine Tuned
On Saturday, October 14th, the Bush orchestra attended the Reagan Cluster Middle School Region Orchestra Workshop. This workshop helps prepare musicians for competition and concerts. The workshop was followed by a wonderful performance Monday evening (More)
Bush Choir Bonds at Retreat
Bush's award winning choir took some time to relax a few week ago at their annual retreat. (More)
Heavy Metal
Ms. Benavides art students recently worked on an interesting project using sheet metal, sharpies, and lots of creativity. The metal repousse technique is used to hammer designs into the metal to create unique shapes and patterns. Check out the galler (More)
Sadness, wounded, madness Overseas, serving country Leaving loved ones behind Detonations and guns Immediate help Enemies attacking Remembering those who died.   By Anthony Garcia (More)
New PUNNY comic is here!
A kid named Flavio (Benny) Esquivel made a comic called S.A.N.S (Steven and Ness) the comic where a kid and his friend which is a skeleton goes on fun adventers. Benny, the maker of this comic had this to say " you dont want to miss the 1 comic. it w (More)
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