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Heavy Metal
Ms. Benavides art students recently worked on an interesting project using sheet metal, sharpies, and lots of creativity. The metal repousse technique is used to hammer designs into the metal to create unique shapes and patterns. Check out the galler (More)
Sadness, wounded, madness Overseas, serving country Leaving loved ones behind Detonations and guns Immediate help Enemies attacking Remembering those who died.   By Anthony Garcia (More)
New PUNNY comic is here!
A kid named Flavio (Benny) Esquivel made a comic called S.A.N.S (Steven and Ness) the comic where a kid and his friend which is a skeleton goes on fun adventers. Benny, the maker of this comic had this to say " you dont want to miss the 1 comic. it w (More)
Short Story: Unnamed
Another short story by Temprence.J.Moore. Leave name ssuggestion in the comments please!   Sirens.  Footsteps.  Laughs from the man with a knife to my neck. “They will be dead if you come closer! I"ll kill ‘em! Don’t get closer,” the ma (More)
Writer's Web
Authors and poets are everywhere, even if they aren't on the New York's Best-Seller list yet. You can write anything on paper, but most people now write online. There are so many websites that are actually worth signing up to write and/or edit your b (More)
Bush Choir Prepares for First Performance
Riley Rudin interviews a member of the Bush choir to find out what they are currently working on and when they will "wow" us with their first performance. Kiley, a member of the girls choir, fills us in on all of the inside details. (More)
Breaking Down Jiu-Jitsu
Addison Garcia teaches us a little bit about her jiu-jitsu classes. This is an interesting class that serves for self-defense for the user. Addison Garcia answers some questions about jiu-jitsu and even demonstrates some of her moves. Click the title (More)
Bush's ELL Students Learn About Texas Culture
The Target Foundation realizes that it has become increasingly difficult for schools to fund learning opportunities outside the classroom, so they award Field Trip Grants each year to make it possible for millions of students to go on field trips. Th (More)
Bush Debate is On Point
The Bush Debate team has had a terrific season and each participant has come a long way. Sean Deel commented that "Debate has helped me think on a higher level. When you are speaking to others and trying to prove a specific point, debate gives you a (More)
Bush Orchestra Strings up the Crowd
The Bush Orchestra performed a lively piece from the Nutcracker last week at the holiday concert. Click here to hear this award-winning group of talented musicians. (More)
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