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Bush Theater Presents: "Bugsy Malone Jr."
The Bush Theater department presented "Bugsy Malone Jr." last week in two separate shows. (More)
An Outlet for the Lost
By: Karina Varela and Beatrice Bucheli UIL, an outlet for distinguished students to express themselves in their heightened academic skills. For many, it seems like a deadly competition between individuals who have a lot of free time on their hands (More)
Bush Theater Gets "Bugsy"
The Bush Theater department is rehearsing for their upcoming performance of "Bugsy". (More)
Mala Luna Music Festival
This Fall from October 26th to the 27th, the Mala Luna Music Festival will be held in San Antonio at the Nelson Wolff stadium. The festival celebrates cultural music like hip-hop and R&B sung and danced by featured music artists. This year's head (More)
Bush Choir Retreats
The Bush choir spent the past few weekends bonding at their annual retreat. (More)
Bush Electives: The Main Event
The electives department enjoyed a fun kick-off to the year at Main Event Pizza. (More)
Greek Day!
Mrs. Boehme's GT students celebrated "GreeK Day" last week in the cafeteria. Check out the festivities. (More)
The Night Gallery
Bush artists showcase work at NEISD Night Gallery. (More)
A Little "Southern Hospitality"
The Bush Theater department performed their one-act play on Monday in preparation for competition. (More)
GT Students Perform a "Morning of Shakespeare"
Mrs. Boehme's GT Students Performed a "Morning of Shakespeare" last week in the library to a packed house! Check out our slideshow. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="5935,5934,5933,5932,5931,5930,5929,5928,5927,5926,5917,5925,5924,5923,5922,5921,5920,5 (More)
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