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Bush Band Tunes Up!
The Bush Band was scheduled to perform at the Reagan game last week, but the weather had other plans. The band took advantage of the extra time by fine-tuning their sound. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="5096,5095,5094,5093,5092,5091,5090,5089,5088,5 (More)
Get to know your Brahmas: Q&A with Elizabeth Beltran
Elizabeth Beltran is a sophomore in band. Q: What instrument do you play? A: "I play the saxophone." Q: Why did you decide to play that instrument? A: "Because I've heard many cool parts are played on the sax and it seemed like a fun instrument (More)
Battle of the bands: the difference between concert and marching band
Emma Fischer | staff writer The beating sun casted down on the students, teachers, brass, plastic and wood that stood on the asphalt. The black band pad shot the heat right back up at the musicians, but even through the struggles of the August sun (More)
Get to know Your Brahmas: Q&A With Sebastian Tapia
Sebastian Tapia is a senior, who plays the trumpet and has been in band for four years now. Q: What's your role in band? A: My role in band right now is that I'm a drum major, so that's one of the student conductors that conducts the marching ban (More)
Bush Band Jams-On at Annual Spaghetti Dinner
The Bush Band held their annual spaghetti dinner last Friday for parents, staff members, and the community. There was a silent auction, performances by each band, and lots of noodles and sauce to satisfy the largest of appetites. [gallery type="slide (More)
New uniforms for band's new show
by Jeremy Reyes|staff writer Band takes the field this year with a new show and a new uniform to match - bringing home first place from Bands of America Austin. “Band gets new uniforms on a seven year basis through the district and they supply (More)
Electives attract many students
by Laura Navarro | staff writer When it came down to choosing her electives for high school, junior Ananda Bhatia decided on choir for numerous reasons. “I feel like choir is almost like a family, and I love singing and doing all the different (More)
Bush PTA Honors Teacher and Parent with Lifetime Membership
The Bush PTA held it's annual meeting last week before the Winter Concert. Mrs. Spradling, a Bush Science teacher, and Mrs. Kaiman, a Bush parent and the PTA's president were honored with lifetime memberships. The band, choir, and orchestra were on h (More)
Bush Band: Jingling All the Way
The Bush Band held their annual winter concert last week, which was packed full of holiday favorites. Check out their wonderful rendition of Jingle Bells by our award winning theme. (More)
Thanksgiving Day Parade: Mark Flowers is all about that Float Life
After watching a Thanksgiving parade last year, Mark Flowers Jr., senior, participated in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. After submitting a five minute piece of his musical talent, Flowers was selected to preform with other high scho (More)
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