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Mattress Fundraiser!
     Do you love the Winston Churchill Band? If so, you should come out to our 6th annual mattress sale located in the Band hall from 10am to 5pm on Saturday November 10th. We will be selling Twins, Fulls, Queens, and Kings. All available styles are (More)
Brandeis Percussion Competition
      On Saturday, November 10, the Churchill Drumline will be attending the Brandeis Percussion Contest at the Brandeis Athletic Field. Admission is seven dollars for adults, five for kids ages 6-18, and kids five and under are free. The competition (More)
21st Annual Band Dinner
The Bush Band held their 21st Annual Band Dinner last Friday and it was a huge success. Each band had an opportunity to perform and crunch some tacos. (More)
Band UIL
On Saturday, October 20, and Saturday, October 27, the band will be performing at Heroes Stadium for UIL Region(20) and UIL area(27). At UIL Region they will be performing at 5:30 p.m.  Anyone is welcome to go watch and cheer on the band that will be (More)
Band's practices, performances pay off with awards early in season
Dancers express disappointment when band is off at competitions and not football games
by Emma Fischer | feature editor Screaming, jumping, and yelling in the stands, sophomore Kaylani Philavong dances her stand routines with the rest of the pep squad, but with the band gone for competitions and games, she notices how much quieter t (More)
Color guard puts a little pep in their step
by Emma Fischer | feature editor After the long day of dancing, pushing herself to the limit of flexibility, in the sun or in the gym, freshman Hannah Miller learned five stand dances, three band dances, and two performance routines in the span of s (More)
Bush Band Tunes Up!
The Bush Band was scheduled to perform at the Reagan game last week, but the weather had other plans. The band took advantage of the extra time by fine-tuning their sound. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="5096,5095,5094,5093,5092,5091,5090,5089,5088,5 (More)
Get to know your Brahmas: Q&A with Elizabeth Beltran
Elizabeth Beltran is a sophomore in band. Q: What instrument do you play? A: "I play the saxophone." Q: Why did you decide to play that instrument? A: "Because I've heard many cool parts are played on the sax and it seemed like a fun instrument (More)
Battle of the bands: the difference between concert and marching band
Emma Fischer | staff writer The beating sun casted down on the students, teachers, brass, plastic and wood that stood on the asphalt. The black band pad shot the heat right back up at the musicians, but even through the struggles of the August sun (More)
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