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Steps Johson students can take to get financial assistance with school activities
Lauryn Hughes | staff writer When it comes to the expense of school activities, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Some programs at Johnson, like band and cheer, have assistance available for students to help ease the financial burden these activit (More)
Expectations rise as mini band camp approaches
Ashlyn Swain | staff writer This April, the Johnson Band will kick off their head start to the marching season with a mini band camp. Throughout the season, competitions often leave students breathless, their hearts pounding, blood pumping, and ad (More)
The noise in the B-Wing increases, so do complaints from teachers
by Ashlyn Swain | staff writer The clock ticks, the metronome beeps, the valves of the euphonium click. Freshman Katie Rheney practices her etude for her second hour straight, cleaning up the technique and mastering the dynamics. Each and every ba (More)
New band hall expands B-wing
by Lauryn Hughes | staff writer There is a new addition to the B-wing; a band hall is being built to accommodate the growing department. This enhancement will provide the students more space to practice their music and help them practice without d (More)
PTA Holiday Concert Jingles Some Bells
The Bush Musical Arts department joined forces this week for a festive evening of holiday cheer. (More)
Bush Band Rides the Polar Express
Boerne kicks off the holiday with some Christmas cheer
Running out of hours: the time management struggle
by Madizon Gonzalez and Alfonso Valero | staff writers After eight continuous periods of classes and stacks of homework shoved in clear backpacks, 4:15 has arrived and for coaches, athletes, actors , and band students , such as freshman Bella Pere (More)
District / Region Band
On November 15th the Churchill Band students competed against three other high schools in our district. After working hard for months on their music, now was the time to shine. The students waited patiently for two to six hours in a classroom for the (More)
Mattress Fundraiser!
     Do you love the Winston Churchill Band? If so, you should come out to our 6th annual mattress sale located in the Band hall from 10am to 5pm on Saturday November 10th. We will be selling Twins, Fulls, Queens, and Kings. All available styles are (More)
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