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Cast Your Vote
Nov. 8, to some, isn’t anything special.  It’s a birthday to some, but it should mean a lot to everyone above the age of eighteen in the United States of America.  It’s election day, and many people think that elections only happen every four years, (More)
SATX Exploration: Desi Food Mart
After being informed about the hole in the wall store called Desi Food Mart, my little sister and I decided to check it out. The small shop offers smoothies, boba tea, all kinds of candy, prepared meals, and other snacks with everything under $3. Whi (More)
Exams: 10 Ways to Deal With Stress and Anxiety
When exams start creeping up on us, most students begin to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Exams measure how well students perform under pressure while lacking normal resources such as books, notes, and a phone. They also tend to cause students to stre (More)
Beautiful-Lee Me
If there's one thing most girls and guys can agree on, it's makeup! To many, it's not just gunk of creams and gloss, it's an art that requires a keen eye and steady hand. Name brand companies day after day release new products ranging from affordable (More)
SATX Exploration: Halcyon
On Sept. 30, Karianne Chupp and I went on a little coffee adventure downtown San Antonio, and found the hot spot, Halcyon: a coffee and lounge place for anyone who enjoys some nice music with a hot but not steaming coffee or an iced cold latte, espre (More)
Stranger Things Season 2
While I was watching the Super Bowl, and the commercials were coming on, I saw something completely amazing. I saw the sneak peak of Stranger Things 2 from Netflix. I was ecstatic that they decided to continue such an amazing show. Photo by Every (More)
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