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Graduation arrives early this year
by Victoria Ramirez | staff writer With the last day of school and graduation approaching a lot quicker this year, students, teachers, and administration alike have less time to finish last minute preparation for graduation. “It really throws a (More)
Students encouraged to visit lost and found
by Aleeha Shah | news editor With many forgetful teens roaming the halls, it is inevitable that the school has a lost and found. Even though the school has a lost and found, some students don’t visit it to retrieve items they've lost, instead they (More)
It's still not too late to apply
By Elijah Johns | staff writer Filling out college applications is a part of life for every senior. Sitting down for hours at a time and typing away at an essay while simultaneously filling out pages of forms to complete the application. However, (More)
Cafeteria offers another breakfast option
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer A new breakfast line has been opened to help anyone who arrives late to campus to grab breakfast and get to class on time. The new installment is primarily supposed to solve the issue of tardies but it can also he (More)
PTA prepares for Project Graduation
On graduation day, Reilly Hanson’s mom and dad and grandparents will all watch him watch her walk the stage at commemoration. After going to a dinner and talking about what her future plans are, she will driving back up to Johnson to hop on a bus to (More)
Five NEISD proms set for same date in April
by Laura Navarro | staff writer Prom is just around the corner, and students are getting ready for the big day. However, this year five schools in NEISD, Johnson, Reagan, MacArthur, Madison, and Churchill, are having their prom on April 8. This ma (More)
Seniors nominated for McDonald's All-American
By Victoria Ramirez | staff writer Coming in first in districts, the Lady Jaguars 2016-2017 team might be the best yet adding to their accomplishments not one but two starters nominated for the McDonald’s All-American basketball games. “The Mc (More)
Valentine's Day on campus
by Alexis McCutchan | staff writer Valentine's Day on a high school campus means roses, candy and stuff animals - but as with other holidays, the administration is asking students to refrain from unnecessary distractions. “Things that can or would (More)
New season, new track
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer Track athletes can look forward to a new practice track on campus.  Although it won’t be ready by the first meet of track season, the new track was provided by the same bond that resulted in turf on the practice f (More)
The deadline for course selections is right around the corner
by Aleeha Shah | news editor As the year comes nearer to an end and the next year approaches, the time has come for students to select their courses for the following school year. In the past, this would have been a time when everyone got those hu (More)
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