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UIL season underway
by Arianna Michaud | editor in chief Autumn Neale has found value in her UIL experience, during which she has participated in literary criticism, spelling and current event, the latter of which is her favorite.  “It’s such a fun meeting. Every (More)
Are the benefits of AP classes worth the stress?
Lauryn Hughes | arts editor Junior Emma Ramirez played to her strengths and chose more advanced courses in the subjects she enjoys. Making choices to save her sanity during the school year and prepare her for what she plans in the future. “I’m (More)
Fire drills and procedures if you are in the cafeteria
by Lauryn Hughes | arts editor During fire drills there are steps and procedures that are put into place to ensure the safety of students and adults, but what are the procedures when there is a fire drill and students are in the cafeteria? “Def (More)
The Area 51 raid isn't quite done yet
Ashlyn Swain | staff writer It’s almost time for Halloween and that means the rise in interest of paranormal experiences and spooky encounters. That means it's once again time for  this year's theatre haunted house. “I think that we have alread (More)
New year, new fence
by David Kent | staff writer As announced last school year, there is a new security fence surrounding the school. “The fence’s are a security measure that the district is putting in place at all secondary campuses, all high schools should have (More)
What I wish I dropped: a senior story
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer With seniority comes past experience and regret. When asked if they wished they dropped any classes or if they could’ve chosen different ones every senior had something in mind. “AP world history, 100 percent," s (More)
New clubs introduced on campus
by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer Students and teachers have come together to create the Art History and Bowling Clubs.  “We tried to start it at the end of last year and it didn’t come together, but this year we are definitely gonna get it starte (More)
Another beneficial resource for material you may have missed
by Ella Wisely | staff writer In high school, you learn so much and it can be hard to remember everything you learn. Lucky for you, teachers sometimes have a helpful source to remember all of the material.  Ap Biology teacher, Oscar Velasquez s (More)
JROTC hosts campus blood drive
by Eric Martinez | staff writer JROTC is hosting another blood drive by South Texas Blood and Tissue Center in their building this year. “The blood drive [is on] Oct. 8. from 8:30 a.m. - (More)
Accelerated expulsion now part of new THC possession policy
by Ben Barrera | staff writer Students caught possessing THC on campus will now be facing felony charges, which could include immediate expulsion.  The policy earlier stated that all confiscated vapes would be sent to Austin but this is no longer (More)
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