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Students staying strong even though typically important events cancelled
Sebastian Lucumi - Staff writer  With Covid-19 quarantine in full effect, many events students looked forward to are now cancelled or postponed. However, with all the surplus time granted, students are finding creative ways to entertain themselves (More)
Coronavirus is changing senior year plans
Lauryn Hughes | arts editor When school let out for spring break on March 6, no one would have expected that was potentially the last day of school.  From moving classes and sports events to senior sunset, prom and possibly graduation being cancel (More)
Changes made to AP exams reacting to COVID-19
by Arianna Michaud | editor in chief In light of school closures and subsequent movement to online learning, the College Board has made the decision to administer all AP exams online. “To be a bit more flexible for students being at home, the C (More)
NEISD under governor's orders; closed until May 4
by Ella Wisely | staff writer Following a one week extension of spring break, followed by more weeks are closure by local entities, all Texas schools are now ordered closed by Governor Greg Abbot until May 4.  “Our district is following Governo (More)
Popular science classes for students next year
by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer Students have made course selections for next year, however, those wishing to change their courses can do so before the 28 of May. Many "Next year I'm gonna be taking AP environmental science because I talked to (More)
Graduation speaker tryouts begin this week
by Braden Ortmeyer | staff writer Auditions for speaking at graduation are Feb. 18 and 19 at 4:15 p.m. in the library conference room. “They just show up, on Feb. 18--we are doing the welcome speech, Feb. 19 commencement address, and master of (More)
Class rings, preserving memories in a stone
by Emma Fischer | feature editor The graduating class for 2021 just picked up their class rings, but not everyone got them. Although they are held with esteem and many parents have them, not all students will follow the footsteps of looped metal a (More)
Tests of time; exam dates to prepare for
by Kahyin Rasher | staff writer Summer's coming up, and with it, comes state testing and exams. Johnsons students will begin testing April 7, starting with an English 1 EOC exam.  “That'll be the first round of STAAR testing that we have. Then (More)
Theater is following the yellow brick road to produce their next play, The Wizard of Oz
Lauryn Hughes | arts editor The theater department is following the yellow brick road to produce the Wizard of Oz as their big musical this year. “It's a beloved play, it's something everyone knows. It's [also] fantasy which is really fun. It's (More)
AP test dates on the horizon for 2020
Lauryn Hughes | arts editor The 2020 school year is set to end at an earlier date, causing other important events such as prom and AP testing dates to shift as well. Testing dates will be set for the 4 though the 15 of May. Preparing for testing i (More)
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