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Prepping for the AP exam
Lauryn Hughes | staff writer AP testing is quickly approaching and students are trying to find ways to prepare and study in order to excel on their tests. Teachers are giving study method tools and practice exams to help students be prepared. “ (More)
APs start random searches with metal detecting wands
by Sofia Colignon | news editor Even though metal detecting wands have been available to the campus since 2015, administration has only recently begun conducting random searches using the hand-held devices. NEISD announced over the summer that (More)
Expectations rise as mini band camp approaches
Ashlyn Swain | staff writer This April, the Johnson Band will kick off their head start to the marching season with a mini band camp. Throughout the season, competitions often leave students breathless, their hearts pounding, blood pumping, and ad (More)
January means it's time for course cards
by Jonah Besenty | staff writer Johnson students have been busy this past week filling out course cards, a process that takes place at the beginning of each second semester. In the past, the process has been simple but since the introduction of Sk (More)
Students are not jumping to get their license like they used to
Emma Fischer | Feature Editor Junior Fernando Morales turned sixteen over a year ago, but even though he’s now an upperclassman, and has hit that magical number, there is one thing that he has not done: gotten a driver’s license. “I have not ha (More)
Juniors, seniors already counting down to April prom
by Lauryn Chavez | Staff Writer Prom is still a few months away, yet many students are already preparing for it. From dress shopping to buying decorations people are already ready to make this year’s Prom experience one to remember. Students are n (More)
What you should know about recommendation letters
by Sofia Colignon | news editor Building relationships with teachers as students can be more important than you may think and whether you’ve done it or not will be evident once senior year comes around. When asking teachers for letters of recommen (More)
Comalander makes the jump to high school
by Alexis McCutchan| editor-in-chief With a new Johnson Jaguar coat draped across his back and a walkie talkie on his hip, Gary Comalander walked into his new office, ready to take on the title of high school principal. [caption id="attachment_ (More)
Teacher endures tragic property loss over break
by Eric Martinez | staff writer On Dec. 28, teacher Gabriel Oviedo's home caught on fire. Oviedo and his family escaped the fire safely without any injuries. Still, most of the items and furniture within the house were destroyed or ruined. “It (More)
Principal John Mehlbrech says goodbye
by Sofia Colignon | news editor Sitting in his office, a million things on his mind, principal John Mehlbrech begins to prepare for his retirement, which will happen at the beginning of the semester. As he says his goodbyes to the faculty and stud (More)
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