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What I wish I dropped: a senior story
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer With seniority comes past experience and regret. When asked if they wished they dropped any classes or if they could’ve chosen different ones every senior had something in mind. “AP world history, 100 percent," s (More)
New clubs introduced on campus
by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer Students and teachers have come together to create the Art History and Bowling Clubs.  “We tried to start it at the end of last year and it didn’t come together, but this year we are definitely gonna get it starte (More)
Another beneficial resource for material you may have missed
by Ella Wisely | staff writer In high school, you learn so much and it can be hard to remember everything you learn. Lucky for you, teachers sometimes have a helpful source to remember all of the material.  Ap Biology teacher, Oscar Velasquez s (More)
JROTC hosts campus blood drive
by Eric Martinez | staff writer JROTC is hosting another blood drive by South Texas Blood and Tissue Center in their building this year. “The blood drive [is on] Oct. 8. from 8:30 a.m. - (More)
Accelerated expulsion now part of new THC possession policy
by Ben Barrera | staff writer Students caught possessing THC on campus will now be facing felony charges, which could include immediate expulsion.  The policy earlier stated that all confiscated vapes would be sent to Austin but this is no longer (More)
This years' homecoming takes a trip to Oz
by Ella Wisely | staff writer Homecoming this year is going to be on Oct. 12 and tickets will be sold starting Sept. 23, which will be available at the Jag Shack during all three lunches. “Tickets start at $25, but after Oct. 4, the price is go (More)
Progress reports go paperless
by Lauryn Hughes | arts editor Get ready for Johnson 2.0 as progress reports go paperless. “Yes, so the district in making an initiative to go paperless to save paper and time, also now that families both parents and students have access to the (More)
AP Seminar makes its debut
by Sebastian Lucumi | staff writer For the first time ever, the campus is offering AP Seminar. English and Philosophy teacher Julia Whitfield teaches the class. “AP Seminar is a class offered at Johnson, and is part of the CollegeBoard’s AP Cap (More)
New ASL teacher settles in at Johnson
by Joe Casarez | staff writer After a long search, the campus welcomes its new American Sign Language teacher. “I saw a post on a Facebook page that NEISD was looking for an ASL Teacher,” sign language teacher David Scotton said. “I got an emai (More)
Many people don't realize the importance of the FAFSA
by Tala Kamil | staff writer The FAFSA application process  opens on Oct. 1,providing access to financial aid for students applying to college. “The FAFSA is your financial aid info and assistance with getting into college and anything in that (More)
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