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Course selection underway for next school year
Kahyin Rasher | staff writer Course selection is coming up next week, Jan. 22.  Course selection is a simple process where students can pick what courses they want to take next year and can be filled out online or on a course selection sheet.  (More)
Is the SAT the best option for you?
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer Although SAT is the widely known and used exam to prepare for college, head counselor Courtney Tarbox adivses students to take the ACT as well.  “We really recommend that students take both, because some students (More)
Fine arts prepare for end of year concerts
by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer The choir, band, and orchestra are preparing for their end of year concerts later this month.  “This performance is the orchestra winter concert, it'll be on [Dec] 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium, and all four (More)
School year shift impacts graduation, other important dates
Elly Beauchamp | editor-in-chief Graduation has been moved to May 31 this year, causing other dates throughout the semester to shift backwards one week or more.  A majority of the changes are due to the availability of venues for events like gr (More)
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
by Eric Martinez | staff writer Senior and secretary Bella Clyde and fellow students work on flyers to advertise a Winter Wonderland event. “So our Johnson Winter Wonderland is held once a year. It's kind of a way to bring together the communit (More)
Student Council partners with Toys for Tots
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Student Council treasurer Kendall Curtis-Malone checks the boxes set around the school for toys that they can donate to the charity they have partnered with. “It’s a new thing that we are doing. We used to adopt (More)
More years of language offer more opportunities
by Kahyin Rasher | staff writer Most students take only two years of a language class instead of four, as that's the number of required credits, but the longer a student stays in that language class, the more they are open to opportunities. Taking (More)
Are the benefits of AP classes worth the stress?
Lauryn Hughes | arts editor Junior Emma Ramirez played to her strengths and chose more advanced courses in the subjects she enjoys. Making choices to save her sanity during the school year and prepare her for what she plans in the future. “I’m (More)
Exam exemptions go paperless
by Lauryn Hughes | arts editor Students will soon see a tile on their Skyward homepage for exam exemption request. Selecting this tile will allow them to see which classes they can select to exempt.  “I don't think the paperless piece to this i (More)
Jag Exchange open for business
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