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A blast into simulcast
by Kirsten Kraus | feature editor Sophomore Rachel Delgado sits in her second period English class, mindlessly scrolling through her phone, waiting for the bell to ring. As the students around her line up at the door and mindlessly explore their Twi (More)
The Greatness of Academic U.I.L.
Academic U.I.L., which stands for Academic University Interscholastic League, is an organization that competes in eight different subjects. The subjects are calculator skills; dictionary skills; maps, graphs, and charts; math; number sense; science; (More)
Cellphones At School
Cellphones are great, but wouldn\'t it be even better if we could use our cell phones in school on our free time. Some schools don\'t let their students use cellphones at all. We should consider ourselves lucky, but technology has so much to offer. (More)
Miss Bexar County
This past week, one of my best friends, Soliel Guckian agreed to do an interview on the pageant she attended. On my first question, I asked her where the pageant took place, and she answered with all over the USA.  Her answer was so surprising, and I (More)
Taylor\'s secret softball love
Taylor Medina is an 8th grade student at Bradley Middle School. She is sweet and nice, even to new kids at the school. it doesn\'t take long to know that Taylor is a sweet and loving person. Besides being her perfect self, she is on the A team for vo (More)
Let\'s Build a House!
 Mariah Garcia loves to help her community. One event that stood out the most for her was helping build a house to provide shelter for others. The event was set up by CBC (Community Bible Church).The church does many other things that help the commun (More)
Beyblade To Victory
Ethan Tesmer a 7th grader at Bradley Middle school,  claims to be the top Bey-bladder here at Bradley. He has been doing the sport of Bey-blading ever since he was three years old. \"Bey-blading is for the mind and strength of your body, yes it may s (More)
Into the Past of the Journalism Editor
Erica Lerma, journalism editor, explains to us her previous experience working for a program called, San Anto Cultural Arts. She goes into an in-depth flashback about her time. \"I wrote the articles to inform, or mainly to get out and express my (More)
Alyssa Aldrich On the AHFSH Soccer Club
Over the past week Alyssa Aldrich talked about being on the Alamo Heights, Fort Sam Houston soccer club (AHFSH), she  tried out for another soccer club but they did not have any room so she tried out for AHFSH soccer club. Alyssa tried out for this c (More)
Adrian Ortiz\'s Hermit Crab Catching
A 13 year old boy named Adrian Ortiz has a interesting sport of catching hermit crabs. And he will tell us about his hermit crabs experiences. He told me that he began at age 13 and began with his cousin. He said does it because he said it\'s funn (More)
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