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Film Club welcomes students with a passion for creativity
by Amon Jackson | staff writer Are you looking for some creativity in your life? Do you love to write stories, ever wanted to make your own movie, or are you an artist that’s wanted to do more with your skills? Johnson currently offers a wide v (More)
6th Annual Lee-esta
On Wednesday, Oct. 15, was the 6th annual Lee-esta parade and pep rally, starting at 6. Lee-esta has become a growing tradition, featuring a range of student groups including, the Lee marching band, spirit groups, athletics and clubs. All in attendan (More)
Come On, Get Happy
Reagan\'s first lip dub will happen next Thursday, May 8 at 4:15 p.m. Anyone is welcome to be a part of this event. The school will be lip-synching to Pharrell William\'s popular tune \"Happy.\" Bring your school spirit and a school-appropriate pr (More)
Johnson clubs appeal to all students
by Claire Carter | editor-in-chief The secret to success in high school is this: get involved. Join clubs as soon as you can. Run for officer positions, and pick up that application for some honor society-it may help you in the long run. Worried abo (More)
HOSA Joins In
HOSA students brings smiles  to the people in need with their good deeds. The head of the organization is HOSA president Senior Eduardo Chavez. \"The last activity that we did was bake cookies for the families  at the Ronald McDonald  House,\" (More)
All For Fashion, Fashion For All
Fashion club members senior Sabrina Walji and sophomore Maria Moya-Heyden create their own flowe (More)
Kaitlyn\'s Declassified School Survival Guide
This installment: How To Survive Freshman Year Step 1: Slack off When senior year rolls around and you’re trying to apply to colleges, the process c (More)
Which Club Should You Join?
Whether you need something to do or your application\'s looking a little empty, this flow chart will help you find the perfect club.   (More)
Photos of the Week 2/29-3/6
[nggallery id=91] (More)
From Field to Desk
Taking on the role of assistant principal, former football coach and World History teacher Glenn MacLeay has had a major change in scenery, going from field and classroom to administrative desk. MacLeay was used to teaching kids about his preferre (More)
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