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Officer positions revoked as lack of leadership continues
by Emma Fitzhugh | news editor President. Vice President. Secretary. Treasurer. Historian. It seems like most people have probably heard at least some variation of these titles before- whether it’s anxiously awaiting the results of an election or (More)
Jags for Jesus accept the rules and regulations
by Lexi Rosas | editor-in-chief Members of the organization gather in their shared faith.[/c (More)
Film Club welcomes students with a passion for creativity
by Amon Jackson | staff writer Are you looking for some creativity in your life? Do you love to write stories, ever wanted to make your own movie, or are you an artist that’s wanted to do more with your skills? Johnson currently offers a wide v (More)
Johnson clubs appeal to all students
by Claire Carter | editor-in-chief The secret to success in high school is this: get involved. Join clubs as soon as you can. Run for officer positions, and pick up that application for some honor society-it may help you in the long run. Worried abo (More)
Wealth of clubs available for students with wide interests
by: Emma Fitzhugh | Staff Writer As senior Chase Allen sits there, looking at the stocks before him, he knows that this skill could be very valuable later in his life. After thinking it over, he decides which stock he wants to trade and with whom to (More)
Jag Jam on hiatus for 2013
by Alexa Rosas| staff writer Jag Jam was the gathering of club booths, rides, food, and games, that was annually presented by the student council, but this year this festival is not occurring. While this may be sad for Johnson students who are just (More)
Come Join Garner’s New Step Team
If you haven’t heard yet, Garner basketball girls Jenna Vega (7) and Ambriance Scott (7) want to start a step team and the group hasn’t yet decided when it will be held or what time it will be, but information will be coming soon so be on the lookout (More)
Science Tutoring
Beginning February 6th we will be offering tutoring after school to help students achieve success on their upcoming Science STARR test. The dates are 2/6, 2/13, and 2/20 for organisms and the environment tutoring. The dates 2/27, and 3/6 for matter a (More)
Tomorrow, Saturday 9, the Driscoll MathCounts team will be heading to St. Mary's University for the MathCounts Competition. The MathCounts team consists of Adrian Berumen, Jeff Unser, Rachel Juneu-Zimmerman, and Team Captain Sarah Morgan. They will b (More)
Solo and Ensemble!
As you may have known, Driscoll hosted the Solo and Ensemble contest last week. Our Driscoll Orchestra was very successful, earning 31 gold medals and 14 silver medals for the solos. We had 20 gold and 12 silver medals for the ensembles. We had multi (More)
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