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HOSA Joins In
HOSA students brings smiles  to the people in need with their good deeds. The head of the organization is HOSA president Senior Eduardo Chavez. \"The last activity that we did was bake cookies for the families  at the Ronald McDonald  House,\" (More)
All For Fashion, Fashion For All
Fashion club members senior Sabrina Walji and sophomore Maria Moya-Heyden create their own flowe (More)
Kaitlyn\'s Declassified School Survival Guide
This installment: How To Survive Freshman Year Step 1: Slack off When senior year rolls around and you’re trying to apply to colleges, the process c (More)
Which Club Should You Join?
Whether you need something to do or your application\'s looking a little empty, this flow chart will help you find the perfect club.   (More)
Photos of the Week 2/29-3/6
[nggallery id=91] (More)
From Field to Desk
Taking on the role of assistant principal, former football coach and World History teacher Glenn MacLeay has had a major change in scenery, going from field and classroom to administrative desk. MacLeay was used to teaching kids about his preferre (More)
Out of the Box
Before the bell rings, junior Tyson works hard to make a duct tape glove in the Creation Den in (More)
Wealth of clubs available for students with wide interests
by: Emma Fitzhugh | Staff Writer As senior Chase Allen sits there, looking at the stocks before him, he knows that this skill could be very valuable later in his life. After thinking it over, he decides which stock he wants to trade and with whom to (More)
Jag Jam on hiatus for 2013
by Alexa Rosas| staff writer Jag Jam was the gathering of club booths, rides, food, and games, that was annually presented by the student council, but this year this festival is not occurring. While this may be sad for Johnson students who are just (More)
Come Join Garner’s New Step Team
If you haven’t heard yet, Garner basketball girls Jenna Vega (7) and Ambriance Scott (7) want to start a step team and the group hasn’t yet decided when it will be held or what time it will be, but information will be coming soon so be on the lookout (More)
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