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Family owned restaurants offer more than Mexican food
"Hole" some donuts in Texas
What's new at Starbucks?
by Alexis McCutchan| Editor-in-Chief Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappucc (More)
The 21st annual NEISD Expo brings new opportunities to students
Emma Fischer|feature editor Once again, NEISD will host the annual Career Expo, giving students a chance to explore the options of future jobs and opportunities. “It is an evening where they coordinate with the business and industry council as (More)
A needle in a cookie box
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Hauling cookies by the cases back and forth from school could be considered a sport, but a sport has popularity, and finding those Girl Scouts that carry those rare delicious, sweets is like looking for a needle in (More)
What is Ian's Cup?
by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer The Ian’s Cup is only days away. Johnson’s rivalry with Reagan continues this soccer season with the Ian’s Cup. The Jaguars took the cup last year and plan to bring it back home again this February. Not only is the (More)
UIW brightens up the holiday season
Jags donate to make a difference
by Eric Martinez| Staff writer The holiday season has lead to numerous donation and fundraising drives across the Johnson campus. “We are doing a toy drive because we are adopting an elementary school that we are going to just to give each of t (More)
I'll be home for sickness
Lauren Loveless | staff writer In the winter, we cough, sneeze and wipe our nose, but never think twice about itching our eyes with fingers infested by thousands of germs that could be carrying nasty viruses. Given, because our allergies spike and (More)
Upperclassmen voices on the midterm elections
by David Kent | staff writer On Nov. 6, seniors who are registered to vote will be given the opportunity to vote for their first time in the Midterm Elections. “I’d say it’s very important for me [to vote] because every single vote that goes th (More)
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