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Where to turn when you want accurate information
by Tala Kamil | staff editor Trying to find accurate information concerning the coronavirus can be hard, especially when you might need to update others. However, there are a few websites that can do just the trick.  “I use More)
Students feel economic crunch in their own way, face uncertainty
Due to COVID-19 Grand Donuts had to resort to only allowing customers thru the drive-thru Eric Ma (More)
Making the most of unlimited free time in quarantine
by Emma Fischer| feature editor Quarantine has opened up more free time than students care to admit, and although some students are taking this time to get ahead on work or play video games or stay up until three in the morning watching tiktoks, s (More)
NEISD under governor's orders; closed until May 4
by Ella Wisely | staff writer Following a one week extension of spring break, followed by more weeks are closure by local entities, all Texas schools are now ordered closed by Governor Greg Abbot until May 4.  “Our district is following Governo (More)
The not-so-secret garden
by Eric Martinez | staff writer Walking around the Japanese Tea Garden is a peaceful experience with its beautiful and bountiful beauty and history. The Japanese Tea Garden locate (More)
Impeachment hearings underway, what comes next?
by Elly Beauchamp | editor-in-chief Nov. 15 marked one of the first impeachment hearings regarding the July 25 Ukrainian call. Ever since the democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, declared an impeachment investigation, President Donald Tr (More)
A number of jobs open up around campus
by Sebastian Lucumi | staff writer As more jobs open up around campus, more students are beginning to join the work force. Senior Dominic Colera is one such student who is currently working at Bill Millers. “It’s enjoyable, well there's times w (More)
The consequences of crime can be long term
by Tala Kamil | staff writer Even though students may not think about the consequences of committing a crime, they can follow them through the rest of your life. “Every single person has a record of their action from the past whether they’re cl (More)
New business populate the CTJ community
New marketplace plans to hit the street this summer
Elly Beauchamp | Editor in Chief Since the beginning of construction of the marketplace on the corner of Evans and Bulverde began, it's been a question to what exactly will be going into the new buildings that surround the larger Sprouts store, wh (More)
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