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New In-N-Out Burger coming to TPC and 281 north
By Elijah Johns| staff writer Whataburger is going to start facing stiff competition as of early 2017 from San Antonio’s third In-N-Out Burger and the first in the north east side. With Whataburger only being 4 minute drive from the new In-N-Out l (More)
Stu Co leads Toys for Tots efforts on campus
by Myralexis Tijerina| staff writer In spirit of the holidays, people of the community and the schools come together to give love and presents to people in need through the program, Toys for Tots. “You know what, I think it's a neat organizatio (More)
How to serve your community during the holidays
by Aliyah Armstrong | staff writer  Although during the holidays sometimes the focus is on the gifts we will get, we all know deep down that giving is better than receiving. Choosing to serve your community can help others experience more joy duri (More)
167 students honored with PVSA award
by Michelle Brooks | staff writer As senior Caroline LaChance counts up the amount of time she spent volunteering at various places within the community, she makes sure everything is accounted for on her application form. As April comes to a close (More)
Community rallies together to honor band student
by Emma Fitzhugh | editor-in-chief As a way to commemorate a former band student, the Tom Miller Music Scholarship was developed and is now available to seniors who are interested in pursuing music in college. “The Tom Miller Scholarship was se (More)
Seniors have the right to vote
by Michelle Brooks| staff writer Attention seniors: here’s one more thing you can add to your list of ‘things I can do but no one else in the school can’. You can vote and not only that, but, the school provides the registration progress. “One (More)
By: Jada K. What is Siclovia? Siclovia is a Big Event that turns some of the major streets in downtown San Antonio into a safe environment for people of all ages to attend. You can play, get some exercise in, and just have tons of fun with your fa (More)
Chalk it up!
By: Hannah G If you would like to spend a day full of art and creativity, head on down to downtown San Antonio on October 10, 2015 from 10am till 4pm for Chalk It Up’s annual festival. San Antonio’s best artists, fun art organizations, and local a (More)
What Makes National Honor Society an Honorable Society
The application is thorough, the expectations are high, and the rules are strict. This selectiveness does not serve to discriminate against those who have limited service opportunities or create an environment in which those who have more hours of se (More)
PVSA encourages students to volunteer
by Audrey Payne | copy editor If you volunteer in the community or spend time doing community service, you can be awarded for your efforts. Senior Amanda Coursey won the gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award given to those who have participate (More)
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