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By: Jada K. What is Siclovia? Siclovia is a Big Event that turns some of the major streets in downtown San Antonio into a safe environment for people of all ages to attend. You can play, get some exercise in, and just have tons of fun with your fa (More)
Chalk it up!
By: Hannah G If you would like to spend a day full of art and creativity, head on down to downtown San Antonio on October 10, 2015 from 10am till 4pm for Chalk It Up’s annual festival. San Antonio’s best artists, fun art organizations, and local a (More)
PVSA encourages students to volunteer
by Audrey Payne | copy editor If you volunteer in the community or spend time doing community service, you can be awarded for your efforts. Senior Amanda Coursey won the gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award given to those who have participate (More)
Reaching out: English Honor Society gets active in community
by Audrey Payne | copy editor The sound of talking filled the room as kids gathered around the high schoolers. Senior and English Honor Society president Claudia Serrano held a book in her hand, reading to the elementary kids who looked up at her, l (More)
How Do Different Cultures Spend the Holidays?
There are many different religions that spend Christmas in many different ways. How do different cultures celebrate the holiday season? In the United States, the majority of the population are Christians, and Christmas is celebrated on December 25th (More)
Language and Tips on How to Survive The World of The Internet and Its People
The internet is a HUGE thing. On multiple social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, Quotev, Facebook, Tumblr, Wattpad, etc; you can find slang such as shipping, OTP, YOLO, smh, feels, I can’t (that’s actually one) asdfghjkl (a literal thing. I do (More)
Teen Victims?
  Teenagers have a tough time during their age. They may have personal or social issues such as being successful as an adult, driving, doing well in school, etc. The crime rate for teens is increasing as well. Currently, they are twice as lik (More)
New iPad Details Accidentally Leaked!
It\'s no surprise that such a gigantic and successful company like Apple would be so secretive about new, upcoming products. But it is a surprise that the company would make such a horrible mistake. The day before a media event in California, Appl (More)
Littering: The World Is Not Your Trash Can!
Earth. This is a beautiful place, but sadly it is filled with pollution and waste.The cause of this is littering. All around the world people continue to throw away their trash anywhere they want to. This is a big problem and I think that people shou (More)
Cellphones At School
Cellphones are great, but wouldn\'t it be even better if we could use our cell phones in school on our free time. Some schools don\'t let their students use cellphones at all. We should consider ourselves lucky, but technology has so much to offer. (More)
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