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Jackets, by Another Color
Many schools believe that rules keep us safe; most of them do, but there is this one rule that makes me think. It's jackets. Winter is right around the corner, and jackets are coming out. One of the rules in this school is that jackets have to be sol (More)
Who is running for President?
Emilie Villegas In only two more years, our country is going to have an election. In 2020, we will be having an election for our next new President of the United States. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. In the process Donald T (More)
Notes, The Steps Toward Success, an editorial by Roberto Bosquez
Notes,the step towards success.   Since everyone has gone to school at some point in his or her life, he or she might know the act of taking notes. Love or hate it, there is no denying that note taking helps students dramatically on test a (More)
CLEAR BACKPACKS A clear issue A editorial by Robert Bosquez
My opinion on the clear backpacks is the same as most of my classmates, negative. The reason I say this is quite simple; the rule for clear backpacks is ineffective. I think in striving to make us feel safer, it just misses the mark.   I had a (More)
Do Reviews Matter?
Recently, I read some negative reviews about Nimitz Middle School, my middle school. I want to set the record straight. One of the reviews said, “The STEM students give the school credit,BUT Nimitz has deteriorted (sic) rapidly, ghetto, behavior prob (More)
What\'s Next Middle School Marriage !
Everybody wants to be grown up when they\'re  in middle school.Your right  in the middle of it all, your not a little kid or an adult.So they start to like boys or girls.You see people kissing ,hugging acting all lovey dovey.YUCK! I prefer a day with (More)
I believe that we need The ARTS ,because people need to express themselves to let out bad feelings or even good feelings. Music is one I really connect to because it really helped me during the time I felt like I couldn\'t make it through the day. Mu (More)
Why Doesn\'t Bradley Have a Soccer Team?
Bradley has many different sports, but it is missing one major sport: soccer. There are quite a few reasons why Bradley should have a soccer team, and it leads me to wonder why we don\'t already have one. Obviously, there are a few disadvantages, suc (More)
How Our Parents Became Who Thet Are Today
How Our Parents Became Who They Are Today: My Moms Career \" Hi i\'m Camille Opland, I work as a Corporate Chef at a Distribution company. I cook for Executive\'s at an office setting. I was inspired by my grandmother, my talent, and my passion for (More)
Littering: The World Is Not Your Trash Can!
Earth. This is a beautiful place, but sadly it is filled with pollution and waste.The cause of this is littering. All around the world people continue to throw away their trash anywhere they want to. This is a big problem and I think that people shou (More)
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